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Commercial Parking Lot Breakdown: Learn How These Elements Can Damage Your Asphalt Pavement

Commercial Asphalt Paving in Toronto

A well-designed and constructed parking lot can last anywhere between 20 and 30 years with proper care. Unfortunately, even the highest quality asphalt pavement isn’t entirely invincible, though, and it can be damaged by harsh wear and tear. Winter weather patterns and driving habits are particularly hard on asphalt parking lots with the cold climates, […]

Benefits of Using POLY-TAR High Durability Sealcoat for Sealing

POLY-TAR High Durability Sealcoat

Sealcoating is an important preventative measure that property owners can take to protect their commercial asphalt parking lots from severe damages. It’s been proven that sealcoating your asphalt parking lot using a premium-grade sealer like POLY-TAR High Durability Sealcoat is an essential part of any Pavement Management Plan (PMP). Not only does sealcoating protect your […]