Most people know what the purpose of a speed bump is, but another way to calm traffic is by using asphalt speed humps.

Property owners throughout Ontario need to be considering speed humps for their parking lots and pathways in order to protect both their own interests and the people using their property.

When cars speed on your property, they can easily cause property damage, accidents, and even injuries and death. As the property owner, you may be liable. You need to take action to reduce speeding on your property, and speed humps are an effective method for reducing collisions, accidents, hits, and property damage.

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. provides speed hump installation for properties throughout Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, Brampton, Vaughan, Mississauga, North Bay, and many other municipalities.


Speed bumps and speed humps are both used to control traffic, but they differ from each other in many ways.

A speed bump is an aggressive measure for controlling traffic. Speed bumps are short bumps, usually from three to six inches high, and they reduce speed to 0 to 10 kilometres per hour. The purpose of speed bumps is to help bring cars to an almost sudden stop, and they are particularly good for drastically slowing car speed around high-traffic pedestrian areas, narrow alleys, or obscured pathways.

However, in pathways or parking lots where you want to keep traffic flowing and cars moving while also ensuring that they don’t go too fast, speed humps are a more effective option. Speed hump design uses a longer, more gradual bump that reduces car speed down to around 15 to 30 kilometres per hour.

Speed humps are an effective option for parking lots, long pathways, roads around schools, and vehicle entrances onto property. They allow cars to keep moving, preventing traffic jams or hold-ups, while also reducing the risk of injuries, collision, and property damage.

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. performs traffic-calming speed hump installation for property owners throughout Ontario.


Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. uses a multi-step process for effective traffic-calming speed humps installation in parking lots, pathways, and roads. This is how we instal speed humps to help improve your property:

  • Grid perimeter of asphalt speed hump: First, we mark and grid the perimeter of your speed hump and clear debris and dirt before we begin.
  • Edge inset prevents plough damage: To prevent damage, we perform an edge inset.
  • Pave hump with hot mix asphalt: Next, we pour hot mix asphalt and pave it over the marked area, creating the speed hump shape to help reduce vehicle speed.
  • Hand tamp edge and hand roll: We hand tamp the edges of the speed hump and hand roll the entire structure, helping prevent damage/water intrusion and strengthening the hump.
  • Compact with static roller: Finally, we compact the speed hump with a static roller.
  • Traffic-calming asphalt speed hump complete: Once the compaction is done, your speed hump is complete. Reflective paint can be applied to the hump to ensure it’s noticeable and visible.

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. has installed asphalt speed humps as well as rubber speed humps on parking lots throughout the Ontario region, helping property owners reduce their risk, avoid costly damage, and ensure they are not liable for accidents and injuries.

It is important to ensure your property is safe. As the leading commercial pavement maintenance contractor in the GTA, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. performs speed hump installation for parking lots, pathways, and roads. We offer an industry-leading seven-year structural warranty. Contact us today for more information on how we can help improve the safety and quality of your property.