Pothole avoidanceA sure sign that spring is around the corner are the potholes that appear on parking lots and roadways. And as a property owner, you may have noticed your customers and employees swerving to avoid them. With the extreme cold recently experienced, the need for pothole repair is increasing. Having your parking lot maintained regularly, and getting any cracks filled, can prevent potholes from occurring.

A pothole can cause severe damage to the underside of a vehicle, which, as a property owner, you can be held responsible for. That’s why with spring fast approaching, most professional pothole repair companies typically experience a surge in business. As a result, it is recommended that you book early to avoid disappointment.

What Causes a Pothole?

A pothole occurs when water seeps into cracks in your parking lot’s pavement. It then freezes, causing the pavement to expand; when it thaws, the pavement contracts, causing cracks, which eventually lead to larger areas of cracking, pavement instability, and then potholes.

How to Deal with Potholes

Potholes can be temporarily repaired in the winter, but because of pavement expanding and contracting due to the cold, it is recommended that permanent repairs be left until the spring.

It may be necessary to perform a full-depth removal of the affected area, depending on the damage. Luckily, the actual repair of a pothole itself is fairly easy; filling material is placed in the pothole, then it is pressed down and a cap is placed on it.

If you spot any fresh potholes, clearly mark them with a pylon. Then, contact your professional pavement maintenance contractor for emergency repair right away; this will minimize your exposure to liability for trip-and-fall accident claims. Once the weather has warmed up, the professionals can repair the affected area with high-quality materials that will greatly extend the life of your parking lot.

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. will repair any potholes, regardless of their size, at an affordable price. Our highly trained professionals will take care of any potholes in an efficient manner so you can quickly return your focus to your business. We are always available for emergency repairs all winter long and advise you to book your spring repairs early. Spring is a busy time for us and waiting to repair potholes can make damage worse once “April showers” start!