Asphalt milling services in the GTA can provide both repair and prevent damage on existing asphalt paved surfaces. Due to environmental factors, an area of your parking lot may be damaged or present structural weakness that requires attention to lower the risk of accidents or injuries. 

Asphalt milling is an alternative solution to a complete parking lot asphalt replacement and can  extend the lifespan of the existing pavement. As part of pavement maintenance, asphalt milling can increase commercial property values as well. 


Understanding Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling, commonly referred to as cold milling, is a process of removing sections of the existing pavement and replacing it with new or recycled asphalt. A small portion of the asphalt is removed to repair damage or to level the surface. 

Traditional asphalt repair methods require the entire parking lot or large sections to be removed and replaced, wherein milling can be done for targeted damaged spots. It is a process that is used after intense weather conditions, vehicle accidents, or fires where the existing asphalt has been significantly altered. 

Benefits of Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling and paving services offer a cost-effective solution for commercial parking lots of various sizes. It replaces the need for a complete removal of the asphalt and production of new asphalt. This also has an environmentally friendly impact because it reduces carbon emissions stemming from asphalt production plants. 

Milling helps to improve the driving surface of a space by eliminating ruts, bumps, and permanent frost heaves. It allows the parking lot to have an even surface to improve traffic flow while preventing drainage issues. 

Asphalt milling offers weather resistant benefits as new asphalt can be severely impacted by the cold and hot temperatures Ontario often experiences. The milling material helps to prevent damage caused by extreme fluctuations in the temperatures and weather conditions. 

The Asphalt Milling Process

When done by professional asphalt paving contractors, the milling process begins with the preparation of the site. Obstacles, debris, vegetation, and the existing asphalt are removed. A cold milling machine with rows of metal daggers strategically placed in a diagonal manner cuts into the asphalt up to two inches deep for the removal. 

The machine filters the crushed asphalt onto a conveyor to be transferred into a truck moving ahead of the milling equipment. The surface of the targeted pavement is then graded, compacted, and heated with specialized equipment to prepare it for milling.  

Once evenly distributed, the asphalt milling is compacted into the underlying existing asphalt with a roller. The thickness of the milling is dependent on the purpose of the area. For example, a parking lot with heavy traffic flow may need up to three to four inches of asphalt placed. 

The recycling of the removed asphalt is done at a processing facility. It is mixed with stone, gravel, and binding agents to form recycled asphalt. 

When to Consider Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling can be the alternative to replacing the entire paved parking lot if addressed at the first signs of pavement deterioration. Common signs that indicate that it’s time to consider the asphalt milling process include: 

  • Pavement unravelling
  • Trenches
  • Severe cracking
  • Damage from incidents such as fire or accidents

A frequently used parking lot with signs of poor drainage may be saved with asphalt milling. Allowing the water to penetrate areas of the pavement surface where damage has occurred can lead to significant deterioration of the existing asphalt and the underlying soil of the asphalt foundation. 

The Importance of Professional Milling Services

Professional services for commercial asphalt maintenance and asphalt milling in Toronto can help save your business time, money, and reduce liability claims. A reputable and experienced paving contractor has the knowledge and expertise of the local climate and available infrastructure. 

Leading contractors have the necessary equipment, top-quality products, and trained technicians to perform asphalt milling to the highest industry standards. This equates to the job being done right the first time and within a reasonable timeframe that has little to no impact on the operation of your business. 

The Eco-Friendly Aspect of Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is actually a very environmentally sustainable process. The old asphalt is removed with specialized machinery and any viable materials are reused either for the existing project or for future endeavours.

By recycling the old asphalt, there is a reduced need to produce new raw materials. The production of new asphalt can result in high carbon emissions due to mining and transportation. Therefore, by reusing old asphalt and reducing a business’ carbon footprint, there is less pollution and smoke, leading to cleaner air.    

Maintenance Tips After Asphalt Milling

To extend the lifespan of the milling project, regular inspections and maintenance are recommended throughout the year. Look for any signs of wear, cracking, or other damage and make sure to address the issues immediately to prevent further destruction of the pavement. Repairs, restriping, re-compaction, or drainage reconfiguration should all be part of the regular maintenance schedule. 

Asphalt sealcoating products can be applied every two to three years for added protection. Sealcoating can enhance the lifespan of the asphalt milling project by protecting the surface from environmental damage and excessive pressure from heavy-weighted traffic. This will also ensure the property is aesthetically pleasing since sealcoating gives the pavement a smooth, dark appearance. 

Cost Considerations

Asphalt milling is a cost-effective solution for your commercial paving needs. Traditional asphalt repairs or replacement can cost a business thousands of dollars for labour and materials, not to mention it may require downtime of the business in order to completely replace the asphalt surface.

The costs for asphalt milling can vary and are dependent on the extent of damage to the property and the scope of the project. The average costs range from $0.75 to $1.25 per square foot.

Choose Sure-Seal Pavement for Expert Asphalt Milling Services

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