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Pavement Damage Signs Condominium Owners Need to Look For


The safety of residents and visitors both inside and outside of a condominium building is the number one priority of owners. Access roads, parking lots, and walkways must be inspected and attended to with asphalt repairs as needed.  Time, weather conditions, traffic flow, and other factors all play a role in the lifespan and condition […]

8 Factors that Can Negatively Impact Your Asphalt Parking Lot

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Whether you own a commercial or private property, the first thing people notice is the condition of your parking lot. A few minor cracks scattered throughout your asphalt parking lot won’t raise any eyebrows or faze anyone, but a parking lot that’s falling part and in total disrepair certainly will. It’s more than just an […]

Why Asphalt Paving is Better Than Concrete Paving?

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Choosing between asphalt and concrete paving isn’t always a cut and dry decision. There’s a lot of research involved to guarantee that you’re applying the right paving material that will not only yield the best results, but will also have a longer lifespan, minimal costs, and minimal maintenance. If those are the qualifying factors that […]

Dos and Don’ts After Completing an Asphalt Paving Project

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You invest a lot of time and money into keeping your commercial property clean, presentable, and visually appealing for your customers and employees to use and enjoy. Installing and maintaining durable and flexible asphalt pavement is part of your overall property upkeep. A fresh and clean asphalt application can completely revamp the entire aesthetic of […]

How to Prepare Your Asphalt for Winter Weather

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Preparing your asphalt parking lot or commercial driveway for the winter weather is your best bet for ensuring that it’ll maintain its structural integrity and strong maintenance all throughout the season. Over time, your asphalt parking lot will inevitably incur a few damages here and there. This is usually caused by regular usage and normal […]

Tips to Remove Oil Stains from Your Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot

Sure Seal Oil Stains on road

Oil stain removal is a common problem that many commercial property owners have had to deal with at one point or another. Considering vehicles are constantly driving and parking on your property, the chances of incurring at least a few oil stains is high. The sooner you remove oil stains, the better because this will […]

Different Types of Pothole Repair Methods

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In the aftermath of winter, you may have noticed that your asphalt parking lot is looking a little worse for wear right now. Some of the most prevalent winter damages include cracking and massive potholes. These damages are caused by a number of elements that often come together in the winter months. Weight from vehicular […]

Why Asphalt Is the Superior Option for Your Commercial Paving Projects


As a business owner, your storefront property is understandably your pride and joy. In order to make an excellent first impression on your customers and keep them coming back for more, it’s not enough to simply offer them great customer service. You also need to prove to them that you care about your business by […]

How Commercial Environmentally-Friendly Asphalt Paving Practices Can Help Minimize Your Carbon Footprint


Believe it or not, asphalt is the most environmentally sustainable, renewable, and recyclable material in the construction and paving industry. In North America alone, approximately 100 million tons of asphalt paving material is reclaimed and about 95 million of that is recycled or reused for new road installation or repair projects. Considering the sheer volume […]

What Are the Benefits of Asphalt Crack Repair?

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Asphalt crack repair in Toronto is a cost-effective and infinitely beneficial method of keeping your commercial and residential parking lot or driveway safe and operational following the cold winter months. Your asphalt sustains a great deal of pressure and potentially damaging effects as a direct result of being exposed to cold weather, heavy precipitation, and […]