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In the aftermath of winter, you may have noticed that your asphalt parking lot is looking a little worse for wear right now. Some of the most prevalent winter damages include cracking and massive potholes. These damages are caused by a number of elements that often come together in the winter months. Weight from vehicular traffic, constant usage, inclement weather, heavy snowfalls, and ice buildup all contribute to the destruction of your asphalt parking lot over time. Fortunately, there are a series of effective and affordable pothole repair methods that are employed by contractors in the GTA to offset these damages.

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How Long Does It Take to Repair Potholes in the GTA?

It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 days to complete a single pothole repair. A few different factors come into play including weather as well as the size and depth of the pothole. In some cases, water may need to be removed from inside the pothole before it can be patched to prevent further damages and erosion.

Varying temperatures also impact the performance and capabilities of the crew members at work. Frigid temperatures make it difficult for crews to properly complete pothole repairs, whereas warm or hot climates could have a detrimental impact on the setting of the asphalt. Contractors usually visit the jobsite to examine the extent of the damages and the work that needs to be done before providing a timeline and pricing estimate.

GTA Pothole Repair Methods

Professional asphalt contractors use a number of methods to repair potholes throughout Toronto and the GTA. These include:

Throw-and-Roll Pothole Repair

The throw-and-roll pothole repair method is arguably one of the most basic quick fixes. However, it’s only a temporary solution and won’t fix all of your pothole problems. Simply fill the pothole to the brim with the asphalt aggregate you’re using and then drive over it with a heavy vehicle. A large truck, tractor trailer, or bulldozer will work just fine. Since this is only a temporary solution, it won’t hold for a long period of time, so you should only use this method if it’s absolutely necessary or until you’re able to get professional contractors to perform the repair.

Full-Depth Roadway Pothole Repair

The objective of this pothole repair technique is to replace worn out and damaged asphalt. Hence, it’s a complex process and also the most costly one on this list. But, it’s also arguably the most effective and long-lasting repair method, which could end up saving you money in the long run. After being milled, the existing asphalt is combined with a cement and water aggregate that’s then compacted to produce a base. That base is then used to create a durable asphalt surface. For all intents and purposes, the potholes are essentially replaced using the same asphalt as if they never existed. Full-depth roadway pothole repairs should only be performed by professional asphalt contractors to ensure optimal results and safety measures are met when handling heavy machinery.

Semi-Permanent Pothole Repair

Among all of the pothole repair methods on this list, the semi-permanent solution comes in at a close second to full-depth roadway pothole repair. This process involves removing water, debris, and other materials from the pothole in question. Next, it’s important to make clean, straight cuts along the edges of the pothole. The purpose of this step is to widen the opening in order to create a wider and stronger based for the asphalt aggregate to be applied and allow it to settle. Lastly, the contractors will carefully pour the asphalt aggregate into the pavement and then compact it with a vibratory plate or roller to patch the area. The reason this is called a semi-permanent repair or patch job is because it’s not only designed to last for a few months.

With regular parking lot usage, inclement weather conditions, and other elements, you might need to redo this method from time to time.

Edge Seal Pothole Repair

Ironically, the first step of the edge seal pothole repair method is to use the throw-and-roll technique. To reiterate, that means filling the pothole with the asphalt aggregate and then running over it with a large vehicle to compact in place. Even though you can technically do that on your own, you’re better off calling in a professional asphalt contractor to take care of the rest for you. The contractor will then place a ribbon of asphalt tack material around the edge of the patch job, connecting and overlapping it with the pavement and patch area. To finish off the repair, the asphalt contractor will then throw some sand mix on the patch job and let it air out a little.

The sand mix essentially protects the asphalt patch and prevents it from reopening or developing tire track marks as vehicles start to drive on it again.

Spray Injection Pothole Repair

Spray injection pothole repair is similar to the semi-permanent method with one crucial difference: it requires the use of special equipment. Using a large hose, water and other debris is blown completely out of the pothole. Then, a tack coat of binder is sprayed on the internal walls and the bottom of the pavement. Asphalt and aggregate are then sprayed directly into the pothole and allowed to stick to the binder. Since the pothole is patched with a generous layer of aggregate, it doesn’t need to be compacted as that will happen over time with greater use.

How Much Does Asphalt Repair Cost in the GTA?

The only way that any reputable contractor can provide an accurate and realistic asphalt repair quote is by scheduling a consultation where they can physically assess the damage and the amount of work needed. On average, however, the cost of repairing or replacing asphalt in Toronto and the GTA can vary anywhere from just under $3,000 to approximately $10,000. It’s important to remember that this depends largely on the size of the property, the extent of the damage, and the type of property.

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