Commercial Parking Lot RepairCommercial asphalt pavement maintenance takes on many different forms. Sometimes it means implementing various types of parking lot repairs as needed. Other times, it means having to repave your commercial parking lot either partially or completely. Depending on the extent of the damages your parking lot is exhibiting, the maintenance costs can vary. So how do you know when a simple commercial parking lot repair will do the trick or when it’s time to repave your commercial parking lot? As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to inspect your parking lot regularly to ensure that it’s aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound at all times.

Signs Your Commercial Parking Lot Needs Repair

Commercial parking lots get a lot of use and therefore can be prone to long-term wear and tear. This is a natural part of the lifecycle of asphalt pavement that’s exposed to a variety of external elements. Rain, snow, ice, and sleet can all put a great deal of pressure on asphalt and weaken the binding agents in the aggregate over time, causing the pavement to crack or crumble. Combined with the pressure and constant movement of vehicles of varying weights and sizes, your asphalt doesn’t stand a chance without proper upkeep and repairs. Here are some of the most common signs of damage that indicate your commercial parking lot needs repair.

Alligator Cracking

Alligator cracks resemble the dry, fractured skin of alligators—hence, the clever name. This is usually a sign of a weak subbase that’s been subjected to more pressure and weight than it’s capable of bearing and needs to be repaired and reinforced immediately to prevent further damage such as buckling.


Potholes are another common form of asphalt damage that you might see frequently on busy roads, highways, and in parking lots. They start off as small cracks, but can rapidly expand over time if left neglected for too long. Neglecting parking lot pothole repair is a major property maintenance faux pas because once water and other debris get inside, they can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your pavement.

Pooling or Standing Water (Puddles)

Pooling water indicates a weak asphalt pavement foundation. It could mean that the foundation was poorly installed by the original paving contractor or that the pavement hasn’t been properly maintained and has internal damages as a result. Small or large puddles throughout your parking lot indicate that there are dips and depressions in those areas where water is collecting.

Eventually, the pressure from all that water can cause your asphalt pavement to buckle. Pooling water can also erode the asphalt aggregate and have a tunneling effect beneath the surface of your pavement, which will lead to other weak spots throughout your property.

Faded Parking Lines and Markers

Faded parking lines and markers indicate that asphalt pavement maintenance may be long overdue. Parking lines and markers maintain safety standards on your property by designating parking spaces, no parking zones, handicap parking, and speed limits.

Buckling and Warping in Some Areas

Another common asphalt pavement problem is buckling and warping. Often, this is caused by a combination of two things: a weak structure that was most likely improperly installed from the get-go or weakened over time due to lack of maintenance and constant heavy vehicle use.

Sometimes, when asphalt pavements are initially installed, they’re designed to handle a certain weight capacity and usage. Over time, these factors can change as heavier vehicles are added to your commercial fleet or frequent your property. Mild buckling and warping typically only require minor repairs. Severe buckling and warping, however, may require a complete overhaul or repaving project.

Crumbling Edges

Crumbling edges are a sign of aging asphalt pavement. They also indicate that people are driving too close to the edge of your pavement and that the asphalt in that area was not properly reinforced with support during the installation process. Unfortunately, you can’t control people’s driving habits on your property. What you can and should do in this case is seal the cracks along the edges immediately to prevent them from spreading throughout the rest of the pavement. Parking lot crack sealing enhances the performance of your asphalt while also extending its lifespan.

Why It’s Important to Repair and Maintain Your Commercial Parking Lot

It Enhances Your Curb Appeal

Your commercial parking lot is one of the first things customers and visitors notice about your business. If your parking lot is disorganized and littered with potholes and cracks, this doesn’t make a very good first impression in terms of how well you run your business. A clean, well-maintained, and smooth parking lot does wonders to enhance your curb appeal and attract more customers.

It Increases Safety Standards on Your Property

Cracks and potholes are dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike. They can cause serious accidents and injuries on your property, which can leave a bad taste in people’s mouths and open up your business to potential legal trouble. Parking lot crack and pothole repair are vital for this reason.

Avoid Liability Issues

If someone injures themselves on your property due to maintenance negligence, you could be deemed liable should they decide to sue or open a personal injury case against you. It’s better to do everything you can to avoid a potential lawsuit rather than wait until someone actually does get injured on your property.

It’s a Good Long-Term Investment

Whether you repair or repave your commercial parking lot, any form of maintenance is an excellent long-term investment in your property that can help extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement and save you on future costs in the long run.

Large Parking Lots Need More Upkeep

The more square footage you have, the more upkeep is required. Thorough routine inspections or walk-throughs of your parking lot will make it easier to spot potential damages or issues early on, so that you can fix them right away.

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