We all have seen faint lines along the roadway and in parking lots that were once the vibrant indications of lanes and designated parking spots. These lines often need to be removed to improve road conditions and/or to change the layout of a commercial parking lot. That’s where professional line marking services can help. They can efficiently remove the old and faded line markings using a process known as “line stripping” and repaint, new vibrant lines on your property.

Line Paint Removal

What Is Line Paint Removal?

The process of line paint removal involve removing the existing paint on the asphalt with use of specialized line removal equipment. To save money and time, property owners require effective paint stripping services that will not cause significant damage to the underlying asphalt surface. 

In most cases, to refresh the line paint, companies will paint over the existing areas without cutting into the asphalt. For times when the parking lot is to be redesigned, shortened, or widened, the existing lines need to be removed to avoid confusion to drivers and pedestrians. 

Methods of Pavement Marking Removal

Line marking removal experts use one of three techniques to tackle old and faded lines. Sandblasting, water blasting, and grinding are done to preserve the integrity of the asphalt as much as possible. These methods allow for a clean surface to repaint or to leave without any line markings, depending on the end goal. 

As one of the more effective line marking removal techniques, grinding is done using a line scarifier. This machine “cuts” or grinds down the asphalt or concrete to a depth of one-quarter inch. This allows for the removal of lines and painted images on the surface. When operated properly, the scarifier will have minimal damage to the underlying asphalt. 

Tip for Line Scarifying to Keep Your Team Safe

Proper operation of all machinery, especially a scarifier, begins with taking precautionary safety measures. When removing line markings and repainting them, make sure to hire a professional company that provides line marking and paint removal services in the GTA. They will have the proper equipment and follow all safety measures, such as:

Professional Line Removal Equipment

Line removal equipment utilizes high power pressure to effectively remove the paint. Professional pavement contractors will have access to this high-end machinery and have the knowledge and expertise to use this equipment. 

Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial on the jobsite, particularly when dealing with paint, asphalt, and concrete. Safety vests, hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses/googles, and work gloves are worn by every employee onsite. 

Proper Ventilation

In addition to regular PPE, workers using a scarifier should take precautionary measures to avoid breathing in the dust of debris, paint, and asphalt components created with line paint removal. Use of a particle respirator that prevents the inhalation of microscopic fragments is advised. 

Proper Monitoring Systems

To avoid grinding or cutting of too much depth of the asphalt or concrete surface, the use of the scarifier equipment is to be monitored. A reputable parking lot line marking service can ensure the property is protected. 

Workplace Safety Guidelines

Professional line painting removal companies should protect their workers as well as the general public with workplace safety guidelines. The team you hire should create a barrier of the work area with cones, signs, and reflective tape to prevent accidents by passing motorists.  

Wet the Area Before Removing Paint

To reduce the number of flying debris, dust, and asphalt or concrete into the air, a professional team will have the targeted surface dampened with water before line paint removal begins. 

Choose Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance for Your Line Paint Removal & Line Marking Projects

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