pavement marking removal methodsBefore parking lot pavement can be restriped or repainted, the previous markings and stripes must first be thoroughly removed. There are a few different effective pavement marking removal methods that professionals typically employ.

3 Pavement Marking Removal Methods

Grinding, waterblasting, and sandblasting are the three safest, most efficient, and preservative methods of pavement marking removal that are currently used by industry experts. The end goal of pavement marking removal through waterblasting, grinding pavement markings, and line striping removal is to create a clean slate so that fresh and new lines and markings can replace the old ones.

Grinding Pavement Markings

This method requires the use of high-quality road line removal equipment and a very skilled technician because it entails carefully stripping away and scraping at layers of the asphalt with a pavement marking grinder until all of the paint is removed from each specific spot. If done incorrectly or carelessly, this can damage the asphalt, which will end up costing more money in repairs.

One of the downfalls of grinding pavement markings is that it is not the most environmentally friendly pavement marking removal method because, oftentimes, workers neglect to remove excess debris from the jobsite when they are finished. This usually requires additional work by a clean-up crew who might not arrive on site until hours later after the debris has already blown away. This is why it is important to hire a company that is environmentally responsible and will make sure the job is done thoroughly.

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Pavement Marking Removal by Waterblasting

Waterblasting is another widely used and effective method to remove pavement markings in the pavement and asphalt industry. In fact, it is one of the better preferred methods of pavement marking removal because it is extremely environmentally friendly and it results in minimal scarring or damage to the asphalt itself. During this process a waterblasting machine that is powered by strong jets that expel needle-sharp water at approximately 40,000 psi. This water breaks through the part of the asphalt where the lines begin and end in order to remove the marking but without causing any internal or surface damage to the asphalt itself.

Sandblasting Pavement Markings

Sandblasting is arguably the harshest pavement marking removal method of all because it involves using abrasive materials—sand, specifically—to aggressively chip away at the paint on the asphalt. While there are some disadvantages to this method because it is not entirely environmentally friendly and it can very easily damage the asphalt if not properly implemented, it is still a very efficient manner of removing lines and markings from asphalt. On the plus side, the added roughness to the asphalt makes it a lot easier to apply sealant and there are no harsh chemicals involved in the removal of the lines and markings.

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