Parking Lot Paving Services for OFFICE COMPLEXES

Parking lot repair and maintenance are two essential services every property owner of office complexes should be aware of.

Hiring a professional paving contractor for regularly scheduled year-round services can save you time, money, and reduce liability claims in the event of an accident or injury on you property. In fact, parking lot paving solutions can improve the safety and security of your office complex, in addition to improving the overall aesthetic appeal of the property.

Industrial Park Pavement

The Importance of Quality Paving for OFFICE COMPLEXES

An office complex owner can improve both the visual appeal and the security of their property by installing newly paved surfaces and performing regular asphalt pavement maintenance. A well-maintained property enhances a business’s reputation, representation, and branding. It gives the impression that the business is professional and, this in turn, attracts visitors, clientele, and investors. People will be more apt to enter the premises if the parking lot is in prime condition.

It can also serve as a security and safety measure. A well-paved parking lot is free from potholes, depressions, drainage issues, and other structural defaults. Good quality pavement can reduce the risk of vehicular collisions, accidents, and personal injuries.

Sure-Seal’s Pavement Services for Office Complex Parking Lots

  • Asphalt Paving: Our paving services involve parking lots, driveways, streets, and highways. For office complex properties, we have various asphalt pavement packages tailored to your company’s budget. We work around your schedule to provide an assessment, plan and design the project, prepare the lot, get applications, and perform line marking, cleanup, inspection, and project sign-off.
  • Crack Sealing: For the protection and longevity of your paved surface, crack sealing services prevent moisture from penetrating into the asphalt. Water and other fluids can damage the integrity of the asphalt composition and ground subbase.
  • Sealcoating: By applying sealcoat every two to three years, it can improve the aesthetics of your property and shield the asphalt from damage. Sealcoat products protect against harmful UV rays, oxidation, water infiltration, and damage from oil, gas, and coolant spills. Our high-quality sealcoat products can reduce the amount of money you need to spend on parking lot maintenance by up to 50% when used in conjunction with our pavement management plan.
  • Line Marking: Office building parking lots require line marking for traffic flow, efficient parking measures, and for designated parking spaces. Using Sure-Seal’s line removal and replacement services will ensure that all accessible areas are distinct regardless of the weather. We are well-versed in government regulations and laws such as the Ontarians with Disabilities Act and supply appropriate line markings as such.
  • Pothole Repair & Maintenance: Potholes develop over time from regular wear and tear, damage from heavy-weighted traffic, and basic neglect of asphalt cracks and indentations that have formed. Without repair, these potholes can increase the risk of liability claims due to vehicle damage and possible collisions as drivers swerve to bypass the potholes. Sure-Seal can help lower costs with asphalt repair to prevent significant issues that lead to the need for replacement.
  • Barrier Installation: Barriers are used to control traffic flow, prevent speeding, reduce the risk of accidents, and form a security parameter. They can be used to control access to the parking lot or specific sections of the proeprty, reducing the potential for criminal behaviour. Whether manned or automatic, these safety barriers lower liability claims. Barriers can be bollards, guardrails, or parking blocks.
  • Speed Hump Installation: Slow down the flow of traffic on your commercial property with the installation of speed humps. They are designed to improve safety for both vehicles and pedestrian traffic while reducing liability claims for businesses. By lowering vehicle speeds on your property to between 15 to 30 km/h, speed humps allow continuous movement of traffic whereas speed bumps are used to stop vehicles. Our speed hump installation will help prevent traffic congestion while reducing the risk of collisions and property damage.

Tailored Solutions for Office Complexes in the GTA

Sure-Seal offers custom solutions to meet the needs and budget of your asphalt pavement maintenance projects. We can design and create a plan to boost your curb appeal while improving the overall functionality of your property.

We pride ourselves on offering sustainable options that exceed the regulations, guidelines, and policies of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This extends from the quality of equipment used to the quality assurance of our techniques.

Furthermore, we use industry-controlled products with the highest quality, performance, and durability for years to come. Our maintenance services involve use of our proprietary seal-coat formula, GemSeal, GRACO, and other industry-known brands.

Advantages of Choosing Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc.

As the leading pavement installation, repair, and maintenance company across the GTA for more than 30 years, we service a multitude of industries including office buildings. The superior products and services we provide for government buildings, hospitals, and roads for municipal asphalt paving are extended to all commercial properties.

Our highly qualified and trained technicians use the latest equipment and products to provide safe and effective asphalt milling and paving services. We perform a free assessment of your property to find the best solutions that meet your needs, budget, and the highest industry standards.