Rely on the expertise of Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. for pavement solutions for your municipal and government properties. As the leading commercial pavement maintenance contractor in the GTA, we offer multiple municipal asphalt paving packages and parking lot paving solutions.

Challenges Faced by Municipal and Government Properties

There are a number of challenges property managers face in terms of providing a safe and secure paved area for vehicles and pedestrians. Sure-Seal offers a range of services to address these concerns.

Heavy Traffic

The underlying foundation and asphalt surface of a property is susceptible to significant damage caused by a regular and heavy-weighted traffic flow. The asphalt can deteriorate due to pavement fatigue, which results in cracking, indentations, depressions, potholes, and crumbling.


Accessibility to all municipal and government properties is a top priority. Without properly installed, constructed, or maintained asphalt roads and pathways, the rights of the general public to open access to these area are violated.

Weather Extremes

Hot and dry temperatures cause the pavement to crack which can lead to water infiltration. This can cause severe damage to the integrity of the asphalt components. A similar result can be caused by bone-chilling temperatures as cracking can also be seen in the winter months.

Aesthetic Appeal

With time, exposure to environmental elements, and general wear-and-tear of the paved surface, the asphalt can become less than appealing to the eye. Tire marks, scuffing, discolouration, and over-patched repair jobs can make pavement look less attractive and inviting.

Our Comprehensive Pavement Services

At Sure-Seal, we offer the following pavement services for municipal and government properties in the GTA.

Asphalt Pathway Paving and Repair

Our asphalt pavement maintenance extends to all asphalt pathways on the municipal or government property. It is vital that the visitors have access to all public areas of the property and that all pathways and walkways are well maintained.

Parking Lot Paving/Line Marking

As part of our program for asphalt repairs for paved parking lots, we will inspect and properly maintain the asphalt pavement by repairing cracks, potholes, and indents. We will also repaint worn out line markings that are strategically placed in parking lots for safety measures.

Catch Basin Cleaning/Repair

We offer installation, repair, and regular maintenance of all catch basins to protect the pavement and subbase from water damage. Our services can help extend the lifespan of the catch basin and the paved surfaces.

Asphalt Sealcoating/Crack Sealing

Our sealcoating and crack sealing products and services prevent minor asphalt cracks from further deteriorating the asphalt surface. If left unattended, cracks can cause extensive damage from water infiltration, vehicle fluids, dirt, and debris and may require the asphalt to be removed and replaced.

Pothole Repair/Maintenance

While spring and summer tend to be our busiest seasons for pothole repair and maintenance, we do offer year-round service to keep municipal and government properties free from hazards. Addressing potholes quickly can prevent the need for replacement of the paved area.

Asphalt Removal/Replacement

Asphalt milling and paving services are designed to remove and replace areas of asphalt roads, walkways, and pathways that have severe damage beyond basic repairs. Our removal process recycles the removed asphalt for use as binding aggregates for production.

Speed Hump Installation

Speed humps, or speed bumps, are more than a safety precaution when installed correctly and strategically on a property. These additional features slow traffic to prevent accidents while promoting an even traffic flow for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Barrier Installation/Safety Features

Barriers and other safety features can improve the security and safety of municipal and government properties. Installation of barriers can reduce liability claims by helping to prevent collisions, accidents, and speeding vehicles.

Benefits of Our GTA Pavement Solutions

There are many benefits to working with Sure-Seal, such as:

Safety First

We put the safety of our employees and the general public first by using state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and eco-friendly products. Each one of our team members have extensive training in the safe use of our products and equipment.


As we use only the highest quality of products, from binding aggregates to sealcoat and the finished asphalt mixture, the durability of the pavement is guaranteed to last. The asphalt itself is designed to last years with our regular maintenance program and its lifespan can be extended with use of our PolyTar sealcoat products.


We understand the importance of accessibility for all those who enter a municipal property. From providing smooth pavement surfaces with no defects to ensuring proper line markings that adhere to all municipal bylaws and codes for safety and security measures, we ensure accessibility for all users.


In addition to a paved surface being functional, we ensure the property offers aesthetic appeal with a smooth, clean look. Newly applied and well-maintained pavement provides a sense of professionalism and offers visitors a welcoming atmosphere.


Our commitment to providing sustainable products and services is evident with the top-quality materials use, such as sand, stone, and gravel. Our milling process recycles the used asphalt to lower wastage and our company’s overall carbon footprint.

Why Choose Sure-Seal?

  • Experience: With over 30 years in the industry, we have a reputation for top-quality and excellent service for all residential, commercial, industrial, and government properties.
  • Quality Assurance: We utilize superior materials and cutting-edge equipment, such as such as GEM Seal, PolyTar, and GRACO, to guarantee the best results.
  • Custom Solutions: Our innovative custom services involve design planning for your pavement project to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the property.
  • Environmental Responsibility: All of our standard practices adhere to the stringent guidelines, polices, and procedures set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Safety Commitment: Our team members are trained in the highest safety standards in the use of asphalt, as well as the equipment and tools needed to complete all projects.
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