When you invest in the right asphalt parking lot contractor, you are investing in the safety and security of your commercial parking lot. Their expertise can help a property manager ensure the safety and security of all clientele and employees who enter their property. 

Every business relies on a regular flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. But parking lots are notorious for car accidents, pedestrian injuries, and theft or damage to vehicles and property. By taking measures to boost sales, reduce liabilities, and provide a safe experience in your commercial parking lot, a business can make employees and clientele their top priority. 

Asphalt Parking Lot

Below are some helpful tips to make your parking lot safer.

Add Appropriate Parking Lot Signs

The appropriate signage in your commercial asphalt parking lot can boost sales while increasing safety for employees and clientele. Without signage, vehicle and pedestrian traffic can clash, causing accidents and liability issues for the business. Consider traffic signs and speed signs, as well as signs that depict the security measures in place and safety instructions. 

Maintain Quality Parking Lot Paving

A well-maintained parking lot can provide a good impression to clientele, as well as the employees. With safety as a top priority, ensure the parking lot surface is in good condition and quickly repair any damage. 

Litter and vandalism are only part of the visible damage to parking lots. Pavement cracks, potholes, and pooling water can cause serious incidents. Investing in parking lot sealing and repairs can help with potential drainage issues and the safety of all who enter the parking lot. 

Install the Proper Lighting

Proper lighting strategically placed throughout the parking lot can improve the safety and security of the property. Lighting that does not emit glares or shadows should be used to promote well-lit areas. 

In addition to deterring theft or other criminal activity, lighting can also attract customers to the opened business. Remember, as Fall and Winter descends, the daylight disappears late afternoon, long before closing hours!

Install Traffic-Calming Speed Humps

Safety measures such as traffic-calming speed humps and bumps, barricades, and bollards can improve traffic flow. The amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic can help determine the type of deterrent needed. 

Speed humps are effective as vehicles must slow down to nearly 15 kilometres to avoid damage or an accident. These defined humps are longer and more gradual than regular bumps that are used to stopping traffic as opposed to slowing traffic. 

Inspect the Parking Lot on a Regular Basis

One of the most important safety measures is to have a thorough inspection of the commercial property on a regular basis. Driving and walking in and around the lot can uncover hidden security risks and provide a better understanding of the best traffic flow patterns to be implemented.

It is important to look for potential problems with the parking lot surface itself as well. Damaged corners and edges can cause pedestrian falls or trips. There also may be potential risks if signage or barriers have been rearranged or removed by unauthorized persons. 

Install Security Video Cameras

Installing security video cameras seem to be the norm for most commercial parking lots. Having 24/7 monitoring of the property can increase the sense of security visitors, clientele, and employees deserve to have. Hidden and visible cameras can deter theft while providing a fool-proof recording if any type of incident occurs. 

Control Traffic with Parking Lots Lines

Upon entering a commercial parking lot, marked lines and arrows help control traffic flow in an orderly fashion. Visible lines provide a security advantage to reduce accidents, promote safety, and offer easy-to-understand access. The parking lot lines can reflect the priority a business places on employees and clientele. 

Install Access Control

Safety guard rails, bollards, and barriers are key components of controlling access to various points of the parking lot. Many commercial parking structures and lots have security booths, guards, and mechanical arms to provide access control. By limiting access to only permitted individuals and vehicles, there can be a reduced risk for criminal behaviour. 

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