Parking Lot Paving

Commercial property managers understand the importance of safety for employees and clientele by providing smooth parking lot paving surfaces. There are times, however, when heavy rains or melting snow can cause large pools of water, resulting in hazardous conditions. 

While we can’t stop Mother Nature, we can prevent possible injuries and accidents from happening with proper drainage systems. 

Solutions for Parking Lot Drainage

Having the right solution(s) for your commercial property drainage will not only reduce the risk of liabilities but it can help protect the condition of the pavement. By hiring a reputable paving contractor, the lifespan of your parking surface can be extended. 

Consider the following five drainage solutions for your commercial parking lot. By utilizing the services of a professional company, these solutions can save you time and money in the long run. 

Add Curbing

Curbs can improve the aesthetics of your parking lot and act as a small concrete or asphalt fence between the street and the parking lot. Curbs also help to create a safer and more effective parking layout on your property. 

When installed correctly and strategically placed throughout the property, curbs can help direct running water towards the gutters or drains. By directing the flow of water, you can reduce the risk of water pooling in parking spaces and along the walkway to your business. 

Correct the Parking Lot Slope

Depending on the location of the business, the parking surface may be flat, which doesn’t allow the water to drain properly. Sloping the ground may be the best step to prevent drainage issues. 

If the property already has a slope but water continues to accumulate, the slope may need to be adjusted or paced in the other direction. For the most effective drainage, a parking lot should have a slope angle ranging between 2% and 5%. 

The surrounding area of the property may require restructuring work to ensure the runoff of water does not harm or create new water problems at the bottom of the slope. 

Install Runoff Drains and Trenches

Drains and trenches are key to prevent pooling along the sides and within dips of the commercial lot. Larger properties require several drains to be purposefully placed throughout the property and for side trenches to be installed to protect the nearby property. 

Water flowing to the outer sides of the property can be directed towards a local waterway, sewer, or other drainage systems. Allowing the flow of water to gather onto grass or direct surfaces may cause further problems. Catch basins can improve drainage while prevent freestanding water pockets.

Limit Heavy Vehicles

Where possible, limit the use of the property to weighted vehicles such as commercial machinery or heavy trucks. For most commercial businesses, this may not be an option due to the nature of the business. 

Taking the steps to limit heavy equipment will not only protect the overall appearance of the lot but also prolong the life of the pavement. As the underlying pavement is pressed over time by the weight, indentations in the pavement will form and allow water to collect and pool. 

Schedule Regular Parking Lot Maintenance

In the fight against drainage issues, regularly scheduled parking lot maintenance is needed. The condition of the pavement itself can lead to water not properly draining away from the lot. It is important to take a walk around the perimeter and throughout the parking area to ensure any small issues do not lead to expensive repairs. 

Take the time to remove debris from the edges of the lot, have appropriate parking lot sealing done as needed, and check all drains and gutters frequently. From garbage to leaves and sticks, these drains and catch basins can quickly become blocked or cluttered, preventing water drainage. 

Contact Sure-Seal Pavement for Parking Lot Services

For parking lot maintenance services in Ontario, contact the team at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. We are an independent team of experienced professionals in the GTA, North Bay, and Ottawa regions. 

We understand the importance of maintaining proper drainage of commercial properties by providing curb and catch basin installation. Our catch basins come with a seven-year structural warranty. We also offer regular maintenance services to ensure your commercial paving is in tip-top condition. 

Don’t wait until your lot needs repair due to water damage. Call us today for a free on-site consultation on how our team can help your business save money and time.