The combination of ice, extreme cold, and heavy snow this winter has taken a toll on commercial parking lots in the Greater Toronto Area. Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc., the GTA’s leading provider of pavement maintenance services for retail, corporate office, condo, and industrial properties, says that many of its clients have reported potholes, linear cracks, alligator cracking, and snowplow-related damage to pavement markings and signs this winter.

Your parking lot could be referred to as the “welcome mat” of your property. It is the first thing tenants and customers see, so its condition leaves an immediate positive or negative impression of you and your organization. Having damaged or poorly maintained pavement also creates a number of safety concerns and may cause damage to your customers’ and employees’ vehicles.

And with many business owners reporting limited maintenance budgets following this winter’s extreme snow services costs, large-scale reconstruction projects may be pushed off in favour of more cost-effective pavement maintenance options to address immediate problem areas once the weather warms up.

At Sure-Seal, we offer affordable pavement maintenance services for property owners following this especially harsh winter. Potholes and damaged areas, including alligator cracking, can be repaired with minimal cost and disruption to your operations.

You’ve doubtlessly noticed that cracks have appeared in numerous areas of your pavement due to the winter frost heaving. Our team of trained experts will rout all suitable cracks, blow them free of all debris, and seal them using durable, high-quality, hot-applied rubberized crack and joint sealant that meets Ontario Provincial Highway specifications. Such services can also be completed without interruption to your tenants or customers.

If the cold, ice, and snow have left the lines on your parking lot faded or if they have been scraped away completely due to multiple snowplowing jobs, you can call on us to paint your parking lots and roadways at pricing that won’t take a huge chunk out of your budget.

We recommend booking immediately; it may still be winter, but with many clients looking to have their parking lots repaired as soon as it warms up, spots are filling up fast. Don’t be left waiting. Call 1-888-PAVEMENT (1-888-728-3636) to book your complimentary pavement inspection with Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. today!