pavement crack repair contractors TorontoPavement crack repairs aren’t always cut and dry, and in a city like Toronto where many of the roads and parking lots are generally in fair to poor condition, your best option is to hire a professional asphalt contractor to do the job for you. Depending on the severity, depth, and width of the crack, they’ll be able to make appropriate recommendations in terms of the necessary repair methods that should be used. Of course, there are numerous asphalt crack sealing methods available and each contractor has certain preferences, but there’s no doubt that the most effective and long-lasting solution is routing and sealing pavement cracks.

What Is Routing and Sealing?

Routing and sealing is an accepted industry-wide technique of repairing minor and major cracks in asphalt pavements. Whether you own a residential driveway that’s in disrepair and in need of crack-sealing applications or a commercial parking lot, this is a highly effective solution that’s used by qualified contractors.

The process involves using a large industrial pavement routing machine to grind a channel through the centre of the crack where the sealant is to be injected. Prior to doing so, field workers must first thoroughly clear out all debris, leaves, sticks and other obstructive objects from the surrounding area that might interfere with the sealing process or inadvertently contaminate the routed channel. It might seem counterproductive to grind a deep channel into a crack pavement area, but this practice is actually highly practical. It creates more room for a larger amount of sealant to be placed into the crack, strengthening the structural foundation of ground beneath and preventing internal cracking or erosion.

By routing cracks before completely sealing them, contractors get the upper hand over the damaged asphalt. This process helps them establish a strong base with which the sealant can easily form a long-lasting and secure bond. That’s how professional contractors, like Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance, are able to confidently offer customers a minimum three-year guarantee on asphalt crack repairs in Toronto and ensure at least eight to 10-15 years of service for asphalt that’s two to 10 years old. They can even offer explicit and flexible application formats depending on the specifications of the crack, ranging from 12mm to 20mm in width.

Crack Filling without Routing

Any experienced and qualified contractor would not recommend cracksealing to be completed without the routing process even though it will lower your upfront costs. The reality is that simply sealing the surface of the crack doesn’t get to the deep seeded problem below the surface of the pavement. A lot of aboveground cracks are, in fact, extensions of erosions belowground, which means they’re just symptoms of a much worse problem. Without routing and then sealing, you’re just covering the surface without fixing the problem and this undoubtedly lead to further repairs in the future, costing you more money.

Additionally, there are no guarantees or warranties for crack filling without routing because contractors generally don’t want to be liable for a halfhearted repair. All in all, you won’t be getting your money’s worth with this process because it’s not even expected to last for 1 typical Canadian winter with our regions signifigant amount of freeze and thaw conditions that put great stress on asphalt pavement.

For over 24 years, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. has offered comprehensive, high-quality asphalt maintenance and repair services in Toronto and all over the GTA. We also offer up to a seven-year warranty on our services, because we stand behind our work and our employees, using only the best and most cost-effective materials in the industry. To schedule a free consultation and obtain more information about our services, please call us at 1-888-728-3636, or if you’re in Toronto, call (416) 410-3705.