For most people, the first major signs of spring are the warmer temperatures and start to daylight savings time. For commercial property owners, however, the abundance of potholes in their parking lots usually means spring is here. 

Potholes in parking lots are more than just an annoyance; they can be a serious safety hazard. They’re essentially holes in the pavement, caused by decomposition or displacement due to exposure to water and contact with heavy vehicles. Not only do they make driving an unpleasant experience on rough roads, but if left unattended for long periods of time, potholes can damage the underside of cars, which can be costly to repair.

Asphalt repair services are necessary to ensure potholes don’t get worse and cause serious damage to vehicles and potentially life-threatening accidents. 

Potholes Repairs

Causes of Potholes

Potholes form for variety of reasons, especially in the spring. Here are some reasons property owners should be aware of. 

Freeze-Thaw Cycles

As the ground experiences freeze-thaw cycles in the months of January and February, the melting snow and ice cause water to pool within the asphalt pavement and underlying ground. Nighttime temperature drops cause this water to freeze and expand the asphalt. The movement of the pavement can cause small cracks to form, which oftentimes turn into potholes in the spring.

Heavy Traffic

The weight of vehicles, especially delivery and transport trucks, can add to the depreciation of the stability of the pavement components. The asphalt can begin to shift and break off into pieces, beginning the formation of a pothole. 

Water Infiltration

As the leading cause of potholes, water infiltration into the ground foundation and the asphalt itself is an important factor to consider in repairs and prevention measures. In areas where water tends to pool, the underlying base may be damaged. 

Poor Quality Pavement

In some cases, potholes are caused by a poorly laid foundation. The base of a paved parking lot needs to stable. It is crucial that a reputable paving company is hired to complete the project as top-quality products and the proper know-how can help ensure premature wear and tear is prevented. 

Why Potholes Need to Be Repaired

Potholes in the spring are a leading cause of damage, injuries, and liability claims in commercial spaces. 

Safety Hazards for Drivers and Pedestrians

Protecting employees, customers, and other visitors to your commercial parking lot is a top priority, regardless of the type of business or structure you have. Both small and large potholes can be a leading factor of vehicle accidents and pedestrian injuries. 

Damage to Vehicles

Hitting a pothole can cause tire damage, suspension damage, body damage, and/or exhaust pipe damage to a vehicle. The damage may be seen immediately or can become apparent over time. 

Increased Cost of Repairs if Left Unaddressed

Environmental factors and the weight of vehicles can cause small cracks to grow. Not addressing the problem can see large potholes form and cause more damage to the surrounding asphalt. This can increase the costs of asphalt repairs and even require a full parking lot replacement. 

Liability Concerns for Property Owners

Damage to vehicles or persons can lead to significant liability claims for the property owners and/or managers. The expectation that they are in a safe environment is one of the major reasons why employees and customers remain loyal to a company. 

Why Spring Is the Best Time for Pothole Repairs

During the colder months, new cracks, divots, and holes can form on asphalt surfaces and may need to be temporarily patched. This is because the colder weather doesn’t allow hot mix asphalt to be applied to the ground. The asphalt will not cure correctly. 

But as the weather warms up, it’s important to have the potholes properly fixed. The asphalt used to repair potholes in warm temperatures, such as during the springtime, has the time and correct temperature conditions to seal properly. 

Benefits of Repairing Potholes Early in the Spring

Depending on the region in Ontario you live, spring weather can begin early in the year, around March or April. This is the time to begin inspecting parking lots and access roads across your commercial property for potholes. 

Repair Winter Damage

The early weeks of spring allow for any asphalt issues to be addressed before potholes become a serious matter. Remember even the smallest cracks can lead major damage to the asphalt surface.

Reinforce Safety

Any potholes that formed over the winter months have been filled and compacted with snow and ice, preventing them from damaging vehicles and pedestrians. The safety of your parking lot can be enhanced by repairing potholes as soon as they become visible. 

Improve Curb Appeal 

Melting snow and rising temperatures bring more than spring flowers. They bring people out to explore what businesses have to offer. Impress existing and new customers by making improvements to your property to enhance its curb appeal. This begins with repairing cracks and potholes. 

What Material and Tools Can Be Used to Repair Potholes?

Professional asphalt companies repair potholes in the spring using a variety of tools, equipment, and top-quality materials. The most common asphalt material involves bitumen-based cold-mix and bitumen-based hot-mix. Equipment used can include shovels, brushes, squeegees, sweepers, measuring and marking tools, a pothole tamper, graders, and blowers.

For spring pothole repair and asphalt crack repair, reputable asphalt contractors can use a variety of repair methods, depending on the condition of the asphalt. These can include throw-and-roll, full-depth, semi-permanent, edge seal, and spray injection pothole repair. 

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