Keeping your driveway in good condition not only conveys a good image to the public, but it also adds value to your property. Regularly repairing asphalt paving will greatly extend the life of your driveway and parking lot.

It is highly recommended that you leave driveway sealing up to the professionals. Contractors who offer repair and maintenance of paving on driveways tell their clients to book services in the spring or summer since the freezing and thaw cycle during the winter can make damage worse. As water settles into the base of your asphalt paving, it can develop cracks which can lead to potholes and other issues.

Exposure to sunlight and oil spills can also cause damage to the surface of your asphalt paving. This is why having it sealed is highly recommended.

Before you call professionals for driveway sealing, here are a few ways you can find out whether you require the services of a contractor:

Look for Trouble Spots

In the early spring and late summer, go around your property and see if there are any areas on the pavement that are starting to develop cracks, potholes, or other damage. Issues often start at the edge of pavement, so pay close attention to these areas. If you catch these early, you can avoid them becoming a more serious issue that would require more extensive repair.

Fill in Potholes

Your parking could have developed potholes from the spring thaw or heavy rain during the summer. Potholes can cause damage to the underside of vehicles. On an aesthetic level, they make your property look weathered and neglected. If your driveway or parking lot has developed potholes, it should be a priority to get them filled.

What Paving Contractors Can Do for You

Whether you find damage or you’re just looking for routine maintenance, paving contractors will first clean your driveway and parking lot, then scrub away any stains. From there, they will fill in any cracks as part of the driveway sealing project.

When to Call a Driveway Sealing Contractor

You should try to book the services of a contractor who provides repair and maintenance when the weather is going to be warm, sunny, and dry. These provide the ideal conditions since the fresh paving on your driveway or parking lot will require a few days to set.

Do your research first and find out what materials your prospective contractor will be using. This is something that is usually listed on their website.

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