pavement rutting repair in GTA A rutting pavement is not just an unsightly mishap in road asphalt or pavements; it is also a sign of potentially dangerous disrepair, which is why it is important to contact a company that provides reliable pavement rutting repair services in the GTA.

What Is Rutting in Asphalt Pavement?

Rutting most commonly occurs on roads that are used frequently. It is the gradual indentation that appears on the asphalt usually as a result of numerous vehicles constantly driving on that road over a long period of time. These indentations are usually more noticeable when there is heavy precipitation and the water collects in the tire grooves that mark the road.

Over time, low-quality asphalt aggregate will begin to degrade with increasing use and force. This is especially evident on roads that carry a great deal of heavy cargo vehicles, such as trucks that drive extra slow and have more tires to grind into the asphalt as they drive along. If the pavement on the road is too flexible, then the damage will be much swifter because the pavement has more elasticity and will therefore not be able to maintain its strength as larger vehicles with more weight to them continue to use those roads with greater frequency. That is why it is important to maintain a rutting pavement and do routine repairs upon first sight of damage so that it does not worsen.

Causes of Rutting in Flexible Pavement

There are a few things that can cause rutting pavement failure. It begins with the way the hot asphalt mix is initially applied to the subgrade. Asphalt that is used for paving is an aggregate of various materials including different types of rocks that have been crushed and sanded. However, if they are over sanded, then this can result in a weak base. Because asphalt takes a great deal of time to fully dry and strengthen beneath the surface, having a weak aggregate as a base makes it all the more difficult to perform proper rutting pavement maintenance.

On top of that, the pressure applied by heavy vehicles that are constantly driving on the newly formed pavement causes it to warp and lose its intended shape. That is when you will start to notice an increasing amount of tire traction marks and serrations in the pavement. The problem will only be worse if the pavement is located in a colder climate area where precipitation is a contender and people tend to use studded tires in the winter to create traction against slippery or wet conditions.

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. to Fix Your Rutting Pavement in the GTA

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