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The Importance of Catch Basin Repair in Toronto

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As silent heroes of our streets, catch basins play a pivotal role in managing water runoff. Given Toronto’s unique climate and sprawling urban infrastructure, catch basin repair and maintenance have never been more crucial. With over 30 years in the pavement industry and over 36,000 successful projects under our belt at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc., […]

Everything You Need to Know about Repairing or Rebuilding a Catch Basin


Catch basins perform one of the most important jobs when it comes to maintaining the overall longevity and strength of your asphalt parking lot. A lot of the times, people underestimate just how essential their catch basins are until something goes wrong. When it becomes apparent that your catch basin isn’t operating properly and you […]

Why Catch Basins Can Fail in Parking Lots

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Catch basin repair can be important for keeping your parking lot in good condition and saving on costly repair jobs further down the line. Catch basins serve an important function in parking lots, helping drain water runoff and prevent pooling water that can damage asphalt. For large asphalt surfaces, having catch basin drains are essential […]

Rebuilding Catch Basin: Is It Worth It?

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Catch basin repair is an important part of regular curb maintenance, yet many people are not aware of what a catch basin exactly is. Almost every city road, curb, and parking lot uses catch basins. Catch basins are what help drain excess water into storm drains and sewers. When catch basins are not properly maintained, […]