Brampton, Canada, June 11, 2015 – SureSeal Pavement Maintenance Inc. ( is announcing expert advice on the best time for parking lot painting during the summer months. With many employees going on vacation during the summer months, many businesses don’t have as much traffic. This, combined with the warm sunny weather, makes it the ideal time to have new parking lot markings painted or to have existing line marking repainted.

“During the summer months, many employees go on vacation so parking lots are less full,” says Lance Bradshaw, president and CEO of SureSeal Pavement Maintenance Inc. “We always tell property owners if they’ve been putting off line striping and parking lot sealing that now is the best time to tackle the project.”

Typically, line marking requires closing off part of the parking lot until the paint has a chance to dry. If there are fewer people at a workplace, it’s easier to keep them confined to one part of the property while contractors carry out parking lot striping.

Beyond the practical reasons for carrying out parking lot lines striping while staff is on summer vacation, it’s also the ideal time because of the warm, sunny, and dry weather. Bradshaw still recommends that clients try to book their parking lot line painting during a stretch of dry weather in addition to waiting until staff is on vacation.

Additionally, it is advised that businesses let everyone—employees, customers, business partners or offices that share the parking lot—know in advance that a crew will be performing parking lot marking and clearly mark the areas where they can park while the work is being done,” Bradshaw notes. “Keep in mind that alternate ways to get to work may need to be used.”

“Regardless of the type of line striping or parking lot sealing our clients are looking for, we provide these services and more at an affordable price,” concludes Bradshaw. “Summer may be vacation time for many, but for us, this is a busy time and waiting lists are growing. That’s why we recommend booking now to avoid disappointment.”

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