Property owners can significantly increase the safety of their parking lot with the help speed bumps. The traffic flow of employees, delivery drivers, and visitors can cause concern, particularly if the speeds of the moving vehicles is not addressed. 

In the province of Ontario, the maximum speed limit in a parking lot is 10 km/h, as set by the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario. While the notion of driving at, or under, that speed may seem safe, every day there are numerous vehicle and pedestrian accidents caused by excessive speeds in parking lots. Speed bumps can help reduce accidents that cause injury and even death. 

What Are Speed Bumps?

Speed Bumps
There are two traffic flow measures used to reduce the speed of vehicles: speed bumps vs. speed humps.

A speed bump measures three to six inches in height and acts as a safety measure by bringing a vehicle to a lower speed ranging from 0 to 10 km/hr. 

A speed hump can be classified as a shorter, but longer, speed bump. These devices are used to slow down traffic flow to a range of 16 to 24 km/h. 

Why Speed Bumps Are Important

Speed bumps have been shown to be a prominent safety feature for residential streets and retail parking lots. Commercial properties can also benefit from having speed bumps installed in places where traffic and pedestrians may come into contact. 

Control Speeds in the Parking Lot

Whether it’s the wide-open empty spaces or the lack of speed limit signs, most fender benders happen in parking lots. Having speed bumps installed near the parking lot entrance, exit, and throughout the pathway of heavy traffic flow can help reduce the speed of a vehicle. 

Work as a Saviour During the Slippery Winter

Property owners may want to consider having speed bumps installed before the cold and icy winter weather blows in. Speed bumps help to remind motorists to slow down year-round, particularly during icy road conditions. In addition to acting as a speed reducer, these safety measures can also help to prevent skidding on slippery roads. 

Help with Traffic Calming Control

What is the one thing that motorists detest as they rush to work in the morning or to an appointment? Perhaps anything that slows them down? Speed bumps to be precise. As speed bumps are commonly found in school zones and residential neighbourhoods, most people will avoid travelling in these areas. By installing speed bumps in high-traffic areas, it creates an efficient way for traffic calming control. 

Keep Pedestrians Safe

A hectic lifestyle can create a haze when people dash through parking lots, often time into the path of a speeding vehicle. Speed bumps force motorists to move at a reduced speed, thereby lowering the risk of bodily harm and fatalities. 

Lower the Risk of Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents in parking lots and on residential streets are caused by excessive speed in most cases. Having tangible speed reduction markers in addition to posted signs can help lower the risk of such accidents. Speed bumps force motorists to slow down or risk causing severe damage to the undercarriage of the vehicle.  

Easy to Construct

Speed bump installation is a quick and efficient way to curve the flow of traffic. Made with rubberized material or asphalt, speed bumps can be installed with minimal effort and tools. If possible, speed bumps are constructed during paving or resurfacing of a road or parking lot. 

Useful In School and Residential Zones Parking Lots

As speed bumps are designed to slow down traffic flow to improve the safety of pedestrians, it only stands to reason to install these in school and residential zones parking lots. These zones usually have a high number of young children that can quickly dart out into a busy road. Since residential areas see families, kids, and the elderly frequently crossing the street to visit neighbours, speed bumps are very useful in these zones. 


Speed bumps are considered one of the more cost-effective traffic devices to reduce speeding vehicles in parking lots. Other traffic-controlled measures include traffic circles, chicanes, chokers, diagonal diverters, and lane narrowing. These channels can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for installation and maintenance. The costs range for speed bumps depending on the contractor, location, material, size, and number of speed bumps installed.

Highly Visible During the Night Hours

In parking lots, speed bumps are visible at all hours of the day and night with reflective strips and/or paint. Most professional speed bumps are designed with bright yellow stripes with some having additional reflective white stripes. 

Is Speed Bumps Installation Necessary for Asphalt Parking Lots?

For safety reasons, speed bump installation is one of the better tools to advise motorists of potential dangers, thereby promoting a reduced speed of the vehicle. In parking lots, pedestrians and other motorists can be at risk with speeding vehicles. For the property owner, speed bumps can reduce liability risks for potential vehicle damage and/or bodily harm. 

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