Knowing when a property needs catch basin installation, catch basin repair, or catch basin cleaning is an important factor in maintaining a welcoming and safe property. 

A catch basin is a drainage system consisting of a grate for water to enter and a drainage pipe that carries away the excess water. These basins can also prevent debris from clogging nearby pipes and plumbing. 

As the water flows through the piping, any debris is held within the drainage box. Sand, gravel, dirt, and debris will settle to the bottom of the basin, requiring regular maintenance and cleaning of the catch basin. 

How do you know when do you need a catch basin? We have outlined some common issues surrounding both commercial and residential properties that can be mitigated with the installation of a catch basin. 

Catch Basin Repair

Do You See Standing Water on Your Property?

One of the main reasons for catch basin repair in Toronto is standing or pooling water across a parking lot. This can be seen on asphalt surfaces and on grass landscapes. Without a drainage system, water can pool in one spot, damaging the grass roots and any surrounding asphalt pavement or curbs. Catch basins remove this water and prevent further pooling from excessive watering or rainfall. 

Does Your Grass Remain Saturated?

With improper drainage, the grass can remain saturated, leading to serious landscape issues. If the land is still wet after days of high heat and sun, the ground cannot handle the amount of excess water. Installing catch basins along parts of the property can help direct water runoff from the grassy patches. 

Is Your Yard’s Terrain Sloped?

For an aesthetically pleasing landscape, many commercial and residential sites have clean sleek surfaces with no slopes. This design can prevent the soil from acting as a proper passageway for water drainage. To maintain the visual appeal of the land, a catch basin can be installed to deal with any water drainage problems. 

Do Certain Parts of Your Yard Smell Bad?

If you are walking out of the building or your vehicle and there is a strange pungent odour, it could be from the lawn itself. Excess water prevents the grass from receiving the right amount of oxygen. Too much water due to poor drainage can also cause the underlying soil to become soggy, encouraging bacteria growth. A catch basin funnels the excess water away from the lawn through an underground pipe system. 

Have You Noticed Any Mildew?

Mildew on the lawn is caused by a fungus. This is seen as a white powder-like substance in small and large patches across the landscape. While standing water is not to blame for the condition, having excess water lying deep into the roots of the grass does not help the mildew condition. Catch basins strategically placed throughout the lot can help prevent the growth of bacteria.

Does Water Tend to Pool in Your Garage or Basement after Heavy Rain?

Days of constant rainfall or sudden torrential rainstorms can cause structures to take on water through thin or faulty walls, floors, and piping. Flooding of basements or garages and sheds can be caused by improper drainage. This water run-off can cause serious structural damage to buildings. Installing a catch basin can prevent the excess water from entering buildings. 

Are Parts of Your Lawn Dead?

If your lawn has several brown spots, it could be a sign of dead grass due to water saturation. Standing water can suffocate the roots of the grass causing the grass to turn brown and die. Known as soil oversaturation, this situation prevents air pockets within the grass roots. Disease can set in, causing the grass blades to turn brown and eventually dissolve. Having proper drainage can alleviate the problem of having pools of water sitting across the lawn. 

Hire Professional Catch Basin Installation, Maintenance, and Cleaning Services

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We understand the necessity of proper drainage across a commercial property to prevent safety hazards, standing water, and property damage. Water can wreak havoc on your lawn and landscape as well as your paved lot. Improper water drainage can quickly damage the surface and sides of an asphalt lot. Call us today for a no-obligation quote on our catch basin systems.