Whether you’re looking at asphalt paving because your parking lot is long overdue for it or because it was damaged due to the cold temperatures this winter, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. offers a variety of options to our clients at an affordable rate.

With spring around the corner, we recommend booking your asphalt paving and repairs now, since the coming months are going to be a busy time for us. Regardless of whether you need full-scale asphalt paving or just a small repair job, our team of highly trained professionals will handle the project efficiently.

At Sure-Seal, we offer full asphalt paving restoration services, including asphalt area repairs. Even if only a small portion of your parking lot needs to be repaired, our team of professionals will ensure your parking lot looks as good as new without it having to undergo a full-scale repaving project.

This winter, the GTA experienced snowstorms on a seemingly weekly basis; having your parking lot plowed regularly because of these storms has doubtlessly taken a toll on your parking lot’s line markings. In addition to our asphalt paving services, we also repaint line markings using high-quality, durable paint from Sherwin-Williams. Line markings are an essential safety feature of any parking lot, so if the markings in your parking lot are faded, call Sure-Seal to get them repainted immediately.

One of the other unfortunate side effects of the cold, ice, and snow that we have experienced this winter is that they have caused cracks in the pavement of many parking lots; these cracks allow water to seep into the cracks, causing further damage if it freezes. In addition to asphalt paving, we also perform pavement crack sealing, in which we rout and clean out the cracks, and then fill them in with a hot pour of Ministry of Transportation-approved rubberized crack and joint sealant. Your parking lot can be ready to open for traffic in as little as 20 minutes!

If you’re looking to maintain your current pavement or push back a large-scale asphalt paving job to a later date, we recommend that PolyTar, a high-durability sand slurry sealcoat, be applied to your parking lot or driveway. This will greatly improve and extend the lifespan of your parking lot, and best of all, it will stand up to the harsh weather that we experience in Southern Ontario during the winter months. It’s an inexpensive process that will reduce your pavement life cycle costs by up to 50%.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for help with a large or small asphalt paving project, you need cracks in your pavement filled or your line markings repainted, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. provides all these services and more at an affordable rate.