Clogged sewer blocks rainwater runoffCatch basin repair is an important part of regular curb maintenance, yet many people are not aware of what a catch basin exactly is. Almost every city road, curb, and parking lot uses catch basins. Catch basins are what help drain excess water into storm drains and sewers. When catch basins are not properly maintained, they can fail to work properly, causing flooding or even posing a safety risk.

What Is a Catch Basin?

Catch basins are the slotted grates that are typically seen on top of storm drains. Similar to the drain trap or filter in your sink, catch basins are used to collect rainwater while preventing large debris from being carried into the drains, where they can create blockages. Catch basins also control the flow of water entering the storm drain, preventing overflows from occurring.

Catch basins can also be designed in a way to perform other functions. They can help clear sediment from entering sewers or rainwater drains, prevent odorous gases from rising out into the street, and keep rodents from getting into the sewer.

When Do You Need Catch Basin Repair?

Catch basins can become damaged over time from repeated exposure to water, snow, and foot traffic. As well, if the surrounding pavement is either damaged or repaired, the catch basin can sink in and fall into an unadjusted position. When this occurs, catch basins can cease to work, not properly filtering debris or controlling the flow of rainwater. Blocked drains, flooding, and the escape of odorous gases are all possibilities.

Furthermore, a caved-in catch basin can be a major safety hazard. If someone’s foot becomes stuck or caught on a caved-in catch basin, they can easily injure themselves. A damaged catch basin can be a liability issue.

An inspection can help you determine if catch basin damage is extensive enough to require repair.

What Are the Steps of Catch Basin Repaving?

When a catch basin is damaged, it is important to have it repaired quickly before any bigger problems or liabilities develop. Repairing a damaged catch basin usually involves removing and repaving some of the surrounding pavement. This process requires heavy equipment and can only be performed by a professional.

First, the pavement or asphalt surrounding the catch basin is removed and disposed of off-site for recycling. If the catch basin itself is damaged, it needs to be replaced. As well, the settlement around the catch basin may have to be rebuilt if it was made with the wrong materials. Any rebuild should use precast, steel-reinforced concrete modulock units to prevent damage from occurring again.

Under the removed asphalt or pavement, spray sealer should be applied, which will prevent leaks and damage to the asphalt. Finally, new asphalt is applied around the catch basin and graded to allow proper drainage.

Catch basin rebuilding should last for a while when performed properly. While many people overlook catch basins, neglecting these repairs can end up costing you more money, especially if drains become blocked or damaged or if someone injures themselves on your broken catch basin. Fixing your catch basin promptly with the help of a professional will prevent bigger problems from developing down the line.

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