Parking lots are just one of the property types that commonly use pavement linemarking.
Property owners always have to worry about property damage, liability, and accidents or injuries on their property. One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to increase safety and minimize risk on your property is by using parking lot markings to direct drivers, designate parking spaces, and mark out-of-bounds areas. As well, property owners must adhere to disability regulations, including handicap spaces in their lot.

Sure-Seal Pavement Inc. provides expert parking linemarking services for properties throughout Ontario region, including Toronto, the GTA, Brampton, Ottawa, North Bay, Windsor, Vaughan, and other municipalities.

Our professional parking linemarking contractors will ensure that your parking lot has clean surface markings that help guide drivers, minimize accidents, and reduce your liability. We offer linemarking for outdoor parking spaces, indoor parking garages, loading bays, train platforms, school playgrounds, running tracks, and other types of property.

Sure-Seal Pavement Inc. uses a multi-step process for our parking lot linemarking services, ensuring that our performance is held to the highest standard.

Safety First

Parking lot line painting is essential for safety, which is why we also ensure that our process itself exceeds the highest safety standards. Pavement line painting involves heavy, professional equipment. To prevent accidents, only our contractors handle the line painting equipment. We ensure the immediate area is clear of both people and debris before we begin our work. As well, all of our contractors wear reflective safety vests to remain visible at all times throughout the line painting process.

Professional GRACO Linemarking Equipment

We use only the most appropriate industry grade equipment for our parking linemarking services. All of our contractors use GRACO linemarking equipment, which allows them to easily and effectively operate these machines to quickly paint clear, straight lines onto pavement. Using GRACO equipment, there is no need for heavy, intrusive machinery on your property.

Straight Parking Lot Lines

It is important that parking line striping is precise, straight, and measured. Improper linemarking can result in accidents, vehicle damage, or tightly packed cars. At Sure-Seal, we use trained contractors and professional equipment to ensure that parking lot lines are straight and precisely placed. We perform linemarking exactly over your faded lines, or, if this is the first time you are using linemarking on the property, we work with you to determine the right and exact layout for your needs.

Accurate Starting and Finishing Linemarking Points

It is crucial that your parking lot lines start and finish at the exact point needed. Imprecise or sloppy starting/finishing points can lead to vehicle damage or other problems. Our equipment is capable of starting and finishing lines at precise points. Our parking lot lines are straight and accurate, and our skilled contractors will maintain the accuracy of your property.

High Durability Linemarking Paint

We use high durability paint that extends the lifespan of your linemarkings. It is important that your parking lines are not just accurate, but that they last. At Sure-Seal, we use high quality paint that can withstand extremes of wear-and-tear, weather, and sun damage. By using our high durability linemarking, you can avoid regular maintenance, keeping crisp, vibrant lines for years to come. Poorly done linemarking doesn’t last and needs to be redone on a frequent basis—using the right paint and equipment can save you time and money.

Sharp, Straight, and Durable Linemarking

Sure-Seal Pavement Inc. provides accurate and durable linemarking for properties throughout Ontario, including Toronto, Ottawa, and Brampton. Our pavement linemarking isn’t just for parking lots. Sure-Seal Pavement Inc. has also provided pavement line painting for school yards (e.g. hopscotch courts), running tracks, train platforms (e.g. safety lines), and outdoor sporting courts (e.g. tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.).

We have proven expertise providing linemarking services in Toronto, Brampton, and other Ontario municipalities. We focus on accuracy, safety, and efficiency, increasing the safety and effectiveness of your parking lot using highest standard industry techniques and equipment.

Are you the property owner of a parking lot? As the leading pavement maintenance contractor in the GTA, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. specializes in linemarking, pavement repair, and repaving. We offer an industry-leading seven-year structural warranty. Contact us today for more information on our linemarking services.