Statistically speaking, winter is the most damaging time of year for an asphalt driveway or parking lot, particularly between January and March. During this time of the year, the weather tends to fluctuate, often going from mild temperatures to extreme cold on a daily basis. This extreme contrast in temperatures can cause your asphalt to constantly contract and retract. Along with the constant weight from heavy vehicles, this process can lead to crack formations which eventually turn into potholes if left untreated. Thankfully, pothole repair in Toronto, Brampton, and other parts of the GTA is an excellent way to keep your asphalt parking lot fully functional this winter while also protecting the vehicles of those who use it.

How Potholes Can Damage Vehicles and Why You Should Care

The longer you leave potholes in disrepair, the worse they get over time and that means they increase the chances of vehicles becoming damaged on your property. That’s a liability issue that you don’t want to have to deal with because it can be more expensive to fix someone’s car than to maintain your commercial parking lot. Potholes are also extremely hazardous and could cause injury to anyone who walks or drives through your parking lot. Here are a few ways in which potholes can damage vehicles and why you should do something to fix the situation.

Suspension Issues

Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to absorb most or all of the impact of the road while you’re driving. Over time, the suspension can be worn down if you’re constantly driving over large cracks, potholes, depressions, and other imperfections on the road. If you feel like your vehicle is uncontrollably moving to the side and you constantly have to steer it back to the center, then you may need to get the suspension checked.

Tire Damage

Repairing and replacing tires is expensive and inconvenient. Driving over large cracks and potholes can eventually seriously damage your tires. From small and large punctures that slowly release air from your tires and lower the tire pressure to tread separation and sidewall bulges caused by driving over sharp angles, there’s a lot that can go wrong for your tires if your parking lot is in disrepair.

Bent Wheels

Once your suspension and alignment are thrown out of whack, the next damage you need to look out for is bent wheels. Typically, you’ll notice this happening where the tire meets the rim. If the wheel is bent, then it the entire tire’s rotation will also be misaligned and crooked, which not only makes for a very bumpy ride, but it also puts more pressure on that tire as the air is slowly released. Eventually, the tire will become too loose, making driving extremely unsafe or it could pop like a balloon.

Save yourself, your customers, and your employees the hassle of having to endure expensive repairs for their vehicles by properly maintaining your asphalt parking lot this winter. Trust the experts at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. to repair and fill in all of your potholes. Contact us today to book a consultation!