Do I need to do anything after the paving is done?

Your asphalt repair areas will be blocked off using pylons or other types of barricade for a short duration after the completion of the work in that single area. We prefer no traffic on the repair areas until after the asphalt has cooled. This is typically 1-3 hours. We can facilitate quicker openings because we are using heavy vibratory compaction for all repair and the asphalt is placed in 2 layers. Heavy truck tire static or hard turning may at times cause some tire marks in newer asphalt. These are merely cosmetic in nature (slight surface scuffing from wheels turning sharply or minor indentations from sharp objects), and will fade over the next few weeks as the asphalt continues to cure. Objects with sharp edges or narrow points (i.e. kickstands, automobile or Trailer jacks, ladders, etc.) should not be placed on the asphalt for the first twelve months unless you put a board or steel plate under the object to displace the weight and keep it from causing an indentation in the asphalt.

Avoid spilling any corrosive liquids on the asphalt (such as gasoline, transmission fluid, anti freeze or oil), as they will cause damage to the surface.

We always recommend routing and sealing of the perimeter edge of the asphalt pavement repair. This can be included at the same time your pavement cracks are routed and sealed throughout your entire parking lot area. It is recommended this be completed within 1 year of the repair. The sooner the better. Rout and seal costs are as low as $0.65 per linear foot sealed. Ask for a free inspection and footage estimate for your property by giving us a call at 1-888-PAVEMENT toll free from anywhere in Ontario.

We provide you with an industry-leading 3-year warranty on our asphalt repairs. Catch basin repairs are our speciality. For all of our catch basin repairs, we offer, again, a industry leading warranty – 5 year Catch Basin Structural Repair Warranty. This warranty covers any structural repair of the catch basin, including modulock replacement, riser replacement, catch basin pup repair, pipe inlet-outlet repair and all interior parging work. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY WARRANTIES WITH HUGE LOOPHOLES AND VAGUE TERMINOLOGY. Overlays do not carry a warranty, as failure of the existing pavement can cause damage to the overlay that is beyond our control.

Since word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising, we strive for customer satisfaction. Some companies will claim that if you do a good job, you don’t need a warranty, but we believe customers are more comfortable knowing that they are taken care of in the unusual event that something does need to be addressed. Reputable companies are willing to stand behind their work and don’t offer excuses as to why they won’t.

We highly recommend that newly paved asphalt parking lots be sealed with POLY-TAR high durability Sand-Slurry Pavement Sealer within 12-24 months. It is appropriate to seal after paving because the sealer will fill in any areas that remain porous, and will establish the beginning of a regular maintenance cycle. Unfortunately, most people are reactionary, rather than preventative with regard to asphalt maintenance and wait to seal until after damage has already occurred. The proper application of a quality Sand-Slurry pavement sealer, like POLY-TAR, by a qualified contractor will extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs of asphalt pavements. Sealing protects pavements from the destructive effects of water, sunlight, oxidation, gasoline, motor oils and many other chemical and solvents. In addition, it provides a distinctive new-looking surface that is easy to clean. By properly sealing your pavement, you can significantly slow down the aging process, and at a fraction of the cost of re-paving. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY SHORT DURABILITY PRODUCTS READILY AVAILABLE IN OUR REGION. ASK FOR POLY-TAR AND ASK FOR JOB REFERENCES WITH AT LEAST 2-3 YEARS WEAR. WE WILL GLADLY TAKE YOU TO OUR REFERENCE PROJECTS AND INTRODUCE YOU TO THE PROJECT CONTACT PERSON. WE ARE EXTREMELY PROUD OF THE QUALITY OF WORK WE PERFORM AND OUR REPUTATION FOR DURABILITY.

All of our repair areas are first saw cut, damaged asphalt removed, sub-base granular re-graded and re-compacted. All asphalt is paved in 2 layers typically. A min. of 4″ compacted thickness of commercial mix asphalt is used. compaction is performed both with static and vibratory compaction on each layer of asphalt placed. A properly installed asphalt repair should last the remaining life of the surrounding pavement. With proper maintenance, 10-15 years would be the min. expectation. Overlays (paving over existing asphalt) can be expected to last 7-12 years; the durability of an overlay is largely dependent on the condition of the original pavement and stability of the base underneath.

Typically we are self-sufficient. One of the features of our service is that we will come to your site the day or evening before and either block off the work area if possible, or leave barricade on site for your maintenance staff to place prior to the arrival of customers or other staff. Many times we are on site by 6:30 am, long before anyone else is on site. By being on site early, we can have the areas blocked off to ensure minimal disruption to your operations and ensure a safe work environment for our employees. It may also be necessary for the crew to have a source of water to fill the rollers (they have their own hoses), so please make sure that your outside water is turned on.

An asphalt overlay involves paving 1.5 inches to 2 inches of new asphalt over existing asphalt that has minor cracking or poor surface appearance. We do not recommend overlays for severely cracked or very uneven asphalt, as reflective cracking will undoubtedly occur. Our experienced sales representatives will be able to determine whether or not an overlay would be appropriate for your driveway or parking lot. Overlays are obviously a less expensive alternative to replacement, but can only be expected to last 7-12 years, as opposed to 25-30 years for new asphalt with proper maintenance.

Depending on the condition of your asphalt, your lot may require patch repair, crack sealing, sand slurry sealcoating using POLY-TAR or may simply just need to re-fresh the parking stall linemarking. Be assured, we offer free on-site inspections and quotes. Demand references from all of your contractor and follow up on those references with your personal site visits to the reference properties. Your asphalt parking lot is a significant investment for your properties total market value. Ensure your largest return on your investment. Demand High quality work, using high quality products, installed by professionals who will back up their work with industry leading warranties.

Besides the obvious black color, your asphalt finish may appear smoother in some areas than others. Some of these variations are caused by the physical make-up of asphalt itself (different sized stones, amount of sand and liquid asphalt, etc.) while other variations are caused by using hand tools rather than machinery in some areas. The durability of your asphalt is in no way negatively affected by these variations, but you may notice them. It is not helpful to kick at or attempt to scuff or loosen these areas before they have had the chance to cure.

Your have many choices when it comes to choosing your Asphalt Pavement Maintenance Contractor. Choosing the right contractor who is properly equipped to do your work is important. Large crews, who focus on total parking lot reconstruction, carry some hefty mobilization charges, just to get to the site. Small operators, typically using cold patch or small hot box units, may offer some cost savings, but typically the quality of the work suffers greatly, leading to premature repair area failures that are very costly.

SURE-SEAL gives you the best of both worlds. We are equipped with 2 larger single axle dump trucks, skid steers and vibratory rollers to ensure quality work, with a lower mobilization costing over the “big guys”. When necessary, we have access to larger tri-axle dump trucks, large highway class pavers and rollers, and asphalt milling equipment. That is why we have been the choice for hundreds of well established property and facility managers for years.