Toronto, Canada (PRWEB), August 19, 2014 – Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. (, the Greater Toronto Area’s top pavement maintenance and repair company, is offering its expert opinion on procedures and measures that should be considered when paving or sealcoating a surface.

“The first thing to consider when paving or sealcoating is the weather. Paving in light drizzle won’t be an issue, but a steady downpour of rain is cause for concern, with safety becoming major issue,” says Lance Bradshaw, president and CEO of Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. “But also, for the most effective results, paving should be done on a stable base, and too much rain can be disruptive. Add to that the fact that rain can cool down the mix and make it problematic to compact the surface.”

According to Bradshaw, a general rule to follow is to wait at least one year to sealcoat a lot after having it paved; this will give enough time for oil to remove itself from the surface. Property owners can actually test to see if the lot is ready for sealcoating by spreading water on the surface. If no rainbows appear and the water runs evenly without beading, then it’s time for sealcoating, says Bradshaw.

“Finally, sealcoating should be done in two thin applications, rather than one thick one,” Bradshaw concludes. “That will allow the surface to release water much quicker, which will result in a better-looking and more solid surface.”

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