parking lot sealing contractors TorontoComplete exterior upkeep is essential to raising and maintaining the curb appeal of any property, whether it’s residential or commercially owned. A great way to add curb appeal to the exterior of your home or business in Toronto is by hiring a qualified parking lot sealing contractor. They can inspect the state of your driveway or parking lot and make suggestions in terms of specific updates, repaving jobs, and repairs that can enhance the appeal of your property to passersby.

Why is Curb Appeal Important for Your Residential Property?

Strong curb appeal helps to spike interest in your home, which is essential if you’re ever planning on selling your home in the future. Even if you don’t have any immediate plans to sell your home, it’s prudent to plan for potential future prospects and financial opportunities. If you’re a young couple planning to eventually have kids, your current residence might be too small or insufficient to raise children. Or, if you’re an older couple coping with empty nest syndrome and a house that’s suddenly to large for just the two of you, then you might consider selling your family home and moving into a smaller property. Whatever life changes you might be experiencing—big or small—maintaining the curb appeal of your home can help ease the transition by making your home more desirable and attractive to potential buyers.

Ways to Add Curb Appeal to Your Residential Property

One of the first things people notice about any residence, even before they consider viewing the interior, is the state of the exterior. If the outside of your home looks like it’s in very rough shape, then this will create negative associations in people’s minds and deter them from viewing it, quelling all possible interest in purchasing it. The only type of buyers you could possibly attract without showing your property tender love and care are house flippers. These are people who purchase old, unkempt properties for extraordinarily cheap prices, fix them up, and then sell them for a major profit. There’s no reason why someone else should reap the same kind of rewards from your home that you could if you just keep it in good condition. Regardless of whether you have a big or small front yard, there are countless curb appeal ideas that you can implement for your property that will make it stand out from the rest.


Repainting the exterior of your home could do wonders to boost its overall market value. By simply refreshing the outdoor colours, you’re showing potential buyers that you take care of your home and that the property is in good condition. This is one of those rare cases where judging a book by its cover is very important and realistic. The more work prospective buyers have to do to improve the look and functionality of a property, the less they’ll be willing to pay in terms of upfront costs, which means you’ll be getting a lot of lowball bids. In some cases, even the location of the property can’t do much to offset the fact that that the building itself is in poor shape.


You don’t necessarily have to have a green thumb or be a professional landscaper to improve the aesthetic appeal of the front and backyard of your home. A little can go a long way when it comes landscape maintenance. Just mowing the lawn, keeping the grass green and healthy looking, and planting a few colourful flowers can help make the outside of your property more visually appealing. Simple outdoor maintenance keeps the place looking clean and fresh, while also letting visitors to your home envision their own creative ideas of what they would do with the place if they lived there.

Driveway or Parking Lot Maintenance

A huge part of curb appeal has to do with proper driveway and parking lot maintenance. If your driveway or parking lot is covered in cracks and potholes, then this is a clear indication that the inside of the property could also be in complete disrepair and no potential buyers want to deal with that. The condition of your driveway or parking lot largely influences the chances of someone purchasing your property.

  • How Driveway and Parking Lot Maintenance Influences Curb Appeal: The simple fact of the matter is that when you repair and clean up your driveway or parking lot, it’s one less thing that the person purchasing your property has to worry about. Also, since they don’t have to concern themselves with the cost of fixing up the driveway or parking lot, they might be more inclined to place a higher bid.
  • Way to Enhance Driveway and Parking Lot Curb Appeal: Here are a few ways you can enhance the form and functionality of your driveway or parking lot:
  1. Invest in crack sealing: Make sure to repair cracks as soon as they start forming. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become and it’ll cost you a lot more money to fix later on.
  2. Pavement Markings: If you manage a condominium building, then it would serve you well to invest in parking lot line painting and pavement marking every once in a while, especially if your property is located in a part of Toronto that gets a lot of traffic.
  3. Asphalt Sealcoating: Every time you have your driveway or parking lot repaved or repaired, you should also look into sealcoating the asphalt. This will keep it fresh and strong for a longer time by protecting your pavement from the harsh elements.

Driveway and Parking Lot Paving and Sealcoating in Toronto

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. has been the top driveway and parking lot maintenance contractors in Toronto and the GTA for over 24 years. If you’re trying to work within a strict budget to increase the curb appeal of your home, then our professional pavers can help you accomplish this goal. To assure you that our services are dependable and high quality, we offer a seven-year warranty on all of our projects. To learn more about our driveway and parking lot paving services, please call us at 1-888-728-3636 or, if you’re in Toronto, (416) 410-3705.