Commercial Asphalt PavementYou work hard to manage your business. Whether you’re a landlord leasing a commercial property or a small business, it’s important to make sure the exterior of your property is properly maintained at all times. After all, it’s important to make a good first, second, and third impression on anyone who uses your commercial parking lot, even if they’re just passing through. Your parking lot is a reflection of your business as a whole. If it’s constantly covered in dirt, debris, potholes, cracks, or poorly done patch jobs, then that reflects poorly on your business and you as a business owner. It can also lower your commercial curb appeal. Once people have a certain negative image of your business, it can be very hard to bounce back from that.

Hiring a professional asphalt paving company in your area to clean and maintain your commercial asphalt pavement can save you a lot of time and money in the long run while also boosting your commercial curb appeal. Here are a few cost-saving factors that you should consider when looking for a reputable commercial paving contractor in the GTA.

Fill in Potholes and Repair Cracks

Potholes and cracks aren’t just an eyesore that can diminish the value of your commercial property, but they’re also potential safety hazards that can result in car accidents, vehicular damage, and even serious injuries. The longer you neglect to repair or fill in potholes and cracks, the worse they’ll get over time and eventually spread throughout your parking lot. Larger potholes and cracks can also extend deep below the surface of your asphalt pavement, causing serious structural issues.

On top of that, they’re also a lot more expensive to repair than small cracks, so it’s in your best interest to make sure they’re taken care of as quickly as possible. A smooth asphalt pavement that’s devoid of any cracks and potholes makes the driving and customer experience a lot easier and safer on your parking lot.

Sealcoating Your Asphalt Pavement

Sealcoating extends the lifespan of your asphalt pavement. It’s a protective barrier that prevents external elements like snow, rain, salt, ice, and even UV rays from the sun from damaging your asphalt pavement. Expert asphalt pavement contractors in the GTA typically recommend that commercial parking lot owners apply a fresh layer of sealcoating at least once every two to three years. Adhering to this advice not only reduces the risk of damages, but it also extends the lifespan of your pavement by about 25-30 years at least. The frequency with which your parking lot should be sealed may depend on how much traffic it gets on a regular basis.

Restripe or Repaint Your Parking Lot

If you notice the lines and markings throughout your parking lot are faded or it’s been a long time since you last restriped your pavement, then there’s no better time than the present to get it done. Spring is here and the warm weather means that professional asphalt paving and pavement striping contractors near you are going to get booked up quickly.

Restriping and repainting faded lines and markings on your parking lot is important because it helps maintain a certain clean and fresh aesthetic. Moreover, lines and markings help keep your parking lot organized to increase traffic flow. Pavement lines and markers designate regular, handicap, and family parking spaces. They also indicate no parking zones, fire zones, pedestrian walkways, speed limits, directional signs, and other elements that contribute to the safety and organization of your parking lot.

Add a Few Plants for Natural Beauty

Adorning your parking lot with natural elements such as trees, shrubs, bushes, and flowers can liven up your commercial space. Flowers and trees freshen the air, which is polluted with car exhaust fumes and they make people feel good. The vibrant colours and fresh greenery attract more people to your business and make them feel more inclined to buy things.

Plants are also good for the environment and indicate to your employees and customers that you care about maintaining a positive, clean, and professional image for your business. Plus, you can hone your personal gardening skills by tending to the plants yourself or you can support another local business in the process by hiring a professional landscaping company to take care of your plants for you.

Clean Your Pavement Regularly

Aside from a parking lot that’s littered with massive cracks, potholes, and puddles, nothing deters customers more from using a commercial parking lot than seeing garbage and debris flying around all over the place. Unfortunately, you can’t control whether or not other people litter, but you can take some action to minimize the impact.

Start by placing recycling and garbage bins throughout your property and encourage people to use them. Put up signs that indicate what goes in each bin. Providing as many garbage cans as possible throughout your property will discourage more people from littering by making it convenient to simply throw out their trash.

Having more garbage cans on your property also means that you’re going to have to empty them more frequently. Depending on how busy your parking lot gets, you might have to do a walk-through every day before and after work. Cleaning your pavement on a regular basis indicates to your customers and employees that you take pride in your business’s appearance and that you care about the environment.

That will earn you serious brownie points in the end. Cleaning your parking lot also gives you the opportunity to look for small cracks, dips, depressions, and other potential signs of existing or impending damages. The sooner you identify these pavement problems, the faster you can fix them.

Hire Professional Asphalt Paving Contractors in the GTA to Boost Your Commercial Curb Appeal

Does your parking lot need a little sprucing up? Now is the time to repair cracks, fill in potholes, install a new catch basin or repair your old one, and restripe your parking lot. Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. provides all of these services and more. We’ve spent the last 25 years earning an A+ rating on BBB and building a reputation as one of the best paving contractors in the GTA. Contact us today to learn more.