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Asphalt paving is an essential part of any commercial property, which is why it’s important that it lasts a long time before needing repairs. 

How long will asphalt paving last and how much do asphalt pavement repair costs? With the proper material, installation, and environmental factors, any high-quality asphalt should last at least between 15 to 20 years. Other considerations include, but are not limited to, the soil beneath the pavement, local weather temperatures, and use of the paving. 

Keep reading to learn how you can make your asphalt pavement last longer.

What Is the Life Expectancy of Asphalt?

To estimate the life expectancy of asphalt, first we must understand the factors that can affect the quality of the pavement. Creation of most asphalt mixtures require the use of stone, sand, gravel, and asphalt cement. Compounds of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, and nitrogen are also used to create asphalt.

There are asphalt companies that use recycled materials such as rubber tires, glass, plastic waste, roof shingles, and motor oil. These products may help to improve the asphalt condition and extend its life expectancy. 

Factors That Affect the Life Expectancy of Asphalt Paving

In addition to the composition of the asphalt material, there are factors that help to determine the longevity of the pavement. Some may be controlled before, during, and after the application while others are unmanageable. 

Environmental Factors

Asphalt paving contractors understand the importance of environmental factors, such as the condition of the underlying soil, rainfall, and the weather conditions at the time of application. While occasional rainfall does not have a major adverse effect, if water is not properly drained away from the asphalt surface, it can break down the composition of the materials. 


It can be a vicious cycle, but vehicular traffic on top on the asphalt can destroy the pavement. Commercial properties tend to have heavy traffic areas, whether it be large heavy trucks or passenger vehicles. The more movement and traffic, the shorter the life expectancy of the pavement.

Design of the Pavement

The material and methods used to create the asphalt can determine the quality as well as the longevity. For example, porous asphalt is commonly used on parking lots for its consistent drainage. Application on certain soils can reduce its life expectancy and porous material is not intended for areas with heavy traffic. 


In a perfect situation, asphalt would survive with consistent warm temperatures and the least amount of precipitation. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, affect the asphalt by causing cracks, allowing water to pool within the pavement and creating air gaps. These conditions lead to the destruction of the asphalt composition and potholes form. 


It would seem asphalt could be laid down and forgotten about but that is not the case, especially if you want the pavement to last for years. This resilient surface requires regular monitoring and maintenance to prevent even the smallest crack from destroying a large surface area. 

How Can I Make My Asphalt Last Longer?

With an investment in asphalt paving for your commercial property, there are key factors in ensuring the condition of the asphalt lasts for years. As traffic affects the structural composition of the asphalt, it is important to have regular inspections and maintenance on the property. 

  • Installation: Proper installation requires attention to the soil underneath, proper edging, and monitoring of the current weather pattern. The thickness of the asphalt also contributes to the longevity. 
  • Materials: The materials used to create the mixture can also play a role in the asphalt life expectancy, so it is crucial to use suppliers that understand the process. Asphalt is layered upon application and the materials used need to properly bind together. Overmixing and lack of essential components can produce inferior asphalt that cannot withstand any length of time.

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