asphalt maintenanceHospitals and healthcare centres face many particular challenges, but one that’s often overlooked is asphalt maintenance. Driveways and parking lots are crucial components for any healthcare organization, even if they may not seem like that at first glance.

For hospitals with emergency wards, ambulances need quick and direct access to the ER. For both healthcare centres and hospitals, patients need to be able to park on the property for easy access. Particularly when dealing with the disabled, ill, or injured, having easy and safe access is a major concern.

This is why it’s critical for hospitals to use asphalt maintenance solutions to ensure accessibility, safety, and a good patient experience.

Asphalt Problems Faced by Hospitals

Hospital driveways and parking lots are high-traffic areas. With ambulances entering the property around the clock and thousands of patients, visitors, and medical professionals driving onto the property daily, a hospital’s asphalt can easily be damaged.

With increased traffic and use, asphalt can begin to degrade and wear out. Hospital parking lots and driveways are susceptible to many forms of damage, including cracks and degraded surfaces. These types of damage can lead to further problems, including potholes, uneven surfaces, and pavement collapses.

These are major problems on hospital and healthcare centre properties where accessibility is essential. Asphalt damage on a driveway can impede ambulances and emergency vehicles, while poorly maintained parking lots can impede access for patients. Regular asphalt maintenance is crucial for hospitals, particularly for avoiding liability and ensuring public safety.

Benefits of Our Asphalt Maintenance for Hospitals and Healthcare Centres

There are major benefits to using asphalt maintenance services on hospital and healthcare centre properties.

  • Accessibility: When driveways and parking lots are properly maintained, hospitals can ensure accessibility on their property. Asphalt damage can impede access, cause property damage, or even lead to injuries and collisions. For disabled, ill, or injured patients, having clean, safe surfaces is crucial. As well, having property maintained properties is important for avoiding liability or litigation.
  • Cost Effectiveness: When major asphalt damage occurs and needs to be repaired promptly, it can cost a lot of money. Regular asphalt maintenance is a lot more affordable and cost effective than major asphalt repair. Once potholes have formed and the ground has degraded, repairing asphalt can be incredibly costly. Ongoing maintenance prevents the more expensive types of damage.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Many paving companies now use eco-friendly materials for their maintenance and repair. If your hospital or healthcare centre is committed to eco-friendly practices, then it’s important to ensure that your asphalt maintenance is also environmentally friendly. Companies can use recyclable materials in their products and practices, such as with recyclable composite parking curbs.
  • Better Patient Experience: Hospitals and healthcare centres are now looking at ways to improve the patient experience. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using the right asphalt maintenance techniques, such as proper line marking in lots to create clearly designated parking spaces, handicapped spots, and directional flows. If patients have trouble accessing your property or finding a parking spot, that is going to affect their impression of your healthcare centre.

Cost of Asphalt Maintenance Services for Healthcare Centres

When trying to determine the cost of asphalt maintenance for healthcare centres, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into account. Almost always, regular asphalt maintenance is much more affordable and cost effective than waiting for major damage to occur.

Depending on the size of your asphalt surface, the type of work being performed, and the area your healthcare centre is located in, the cost of maintenance can vary. In general, asphalt maintenance is fairly affordable; even homeowners use some of the same services. For hospitals and healthcare centres, the cost of repairing asphalt is usually relative to the size of the area the asphalt covers. A professional pavement company can offer a range of services and solutions for an organization’s maintenance needs.

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