It takes more than just excellent skill and know-how for professional asphalt pavement contractors to repair and maintain commercial parking lots, roadways, and driveways. In this line of work, top notch asphalt pavement repair tools and their proper applications are an absolute necessity. A number of different types of equipment come into play when it comes to installing asphalt pavements and keeping them in tiptop shape—especially when contending with the cold, harsh elements of Mother Nature. Like most outdoor products, asphalt needs to be well taken care of so that it can last for many years to come and that means making the necessary repairs as soon as possible.

In case you’re wondering what types of asphalt repair tools contractors typically have in their repertoire, we’ve prepared a list of some of the most industry standard items.

Asphalt ShovelSealcoat Your Asphalt Parking Lot

Despite all of the immense technological advancements the asphalt industry has witnessed over the years, the simplest tool of all—the handheld asphalt shovel—has managed to prevail as the most widely used one. It’s consistently used throughout the industry on a wide array of jobsites and projects, regardless of their magnitude because of its different configurations. Round-nosed shovels are used to manually dig up areas that are outside the scope of large and more complex machinery. Square-nosed shovels, on the other hand are used to distribute dirt and asphalt aggregates evenly into areas that are beyond the scope of large machinery.

Brushes and Squeegees

As you might expect, brushes and squeegees are typically used for cleaning up jobsites. They also carry a wide range of other uses as well such as removing oil stains and applying an even layer of sealcoat to protect your asphalt from external damages and help expand its lifespan. Rough-edged brushes and squeegees can also be used to scrape off broken, cracked, and otherwise damaged bits of asphalt to repair the damaged areas.


After an asphalt pavement has been installed or repaired, it’s important to try to keep it as clean and free of debris throughout the entire curing process. Otherwise, the new asphalt aggregate won’t bond properly with the existing mix. Sweepers are used to remove and dispose of any debris that may land on the freshly applied or installed asphalt and prevent it from drying properly. Any debris that’s left behind can damage your asphalt aggregate from within and hinder its structural integrity.

Measuring and Marking Tools

Asphalt installation and repair is an exact science. If it weren’t, most roadways and parking lots would probably collapse within a few months’ time. For that reason, every expert asphalt contractor must have the proper measuring and marking tools in their toolbox to perform good quality work. Line striping tape measures, quick bid measuring wheels, chalk boxes, and chalk box dust are all common items found in every asphalt contractors’ tool collection. These utensils help contractors take precise measurements and apply the appropriate line markings, liquid asphalt and other important materials for your commercial property.

Pothole Tamper

You might not recognize this tool by its name alone, but you’ve definitely seen construction crews use it before. A pothole or asphalt tamper is a square-shaped metal apparatus with a pole attached. It’s used to compact and ground asphalt and other paving materials so that it bonds to the existing pavement. Tampers are typically used to repair potholes, patch up cracks, and fill in gaps in asphalt to reinforce its structural durability.


Graders are another piece of asphalt installation and repair machinery that you might not necessarily recognize by name, but you’ve definitely seen it on a lot of construction jobsites. These machines are also usually referred to as motor or road graders. They have giant shovels attached to the very front of the machine that’s used to flatten the ground and prepare it for additional asphalt aggregate to be placed on top.


You’ve heard of snow blowers, but did you know that pavement blowers also exist? It’s the same basic idea, which is to remove or blow away dust, sand, and debris from a jobsite prior to commencing the project. Asphalt blowers come in all shapes and sizes depending on the nature of the project. For smaller jobs, contractors tend to use backpack or walk-behind blowers because they’re easier to carry around and are ideal for minimal use.

Larger repairs and properties, on the other hand, need a more powerful tool to aptly remove all debris from the jobsite. Bigger blowers are used on commercial and industrial properties such as airport runways, racetracks, and large commercial parking lots like at the mall. Large-scale blowers are far less labour intensive and cost-prohibitive than their smaller counterparts when used on sizeable commercial properties because they get the job done thoroughly and within a reasonable timeframe.

Crack and Crevice Cleaners

Before cracks can be properly patched, they need to be thoroughly cleaned out to prevent harmful debris and water damage beneath the surface of your asphalt pavement. Crack and crevice cleaners are used to painstakingly extract and dispose of any garbage, undergrowth, and liquid that may have found its way inside your asphalt through surface cracks. These machines look a lot like lawnmowers, but are actually a lot more compact and they’re also incredibly easy to use.

Crack Banders and Melters

Professional asphalt contractors use crack banders and melters to repair asphalt cracks. The machine meticulously pours fresh hot or cold mix into the affected area to fill the gap carefully and slowly. Typically used for larger repair jobs, these machines must be carefully handled to prevent asphalt overflow and ensure the asphalt is evenly distributed throughout the damaged area.

Paint Stripers

Another asphalt repair tool that resembles a lawnmower, paint stripers are used to apply white and yellow lines to your commercial asphalt property. Once again, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations depending on the size of the property and project requirements.

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