pourable asphalt crack fillerAs private and commercial property owners are well aware, if there is a crack on your pavement, it must be fixed as soon as possible otherwise the damages will worsen over time; this is why you should hire a hot-pour crack sealer in Ontario. Before you do, though, make sure you learn the differences between hot-pour asphalt crack filler and cold-pour crack filler. Using the right pourable asphalt crack filler could end up saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

Hot-Pour Asphalt Sealant vs. Cold-Pour Asphalt Sealant

When it comes to pourable asphalt crack sealant, the best option is always hot-pour asphalt crack filler because it is more sustainable, durable, and flexible than cold-pour asphalt crack sealer.

Hot-Pour Asphalt Crack Sealer

  • It can be used in a larger variety of locations, such as commercial parking lots, highways, side roads, driveways, main roads, etc.
  • It is delivered to the site in solid form and then melted down to liquid form on site.
  • It is poured directly into the crack to thoroughly repair and fill all parts of the crack and prevent further damage.
  • It can be used to seal very deep cracks that cannot be fixed with cold-pour asphalt crack sealer
  • Hot-pour asphalt crack filler is a little more expensive than cold-pour asphalt crack sealer, but it offers a much more permanent solution.
  • It does not shrink in cold weather or when hardened, and it can adjust to any and all temperatures and weather patterns; it contracts and expands as the ground freezes or thaws.
  • It is highly pliable and can be applied in any workable weather conditions, hot or cold, with very minimal shrinkage.
  • Hot-pour asphalt crack fillers are always asphalt based which means they have a higher concentration of asphalt mix than water.
  • Hot-pour asphalt crack fillers are always asphalt-based, which means they have a higher concentration of asphalt mix.

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Cold-Pour Asphalt Crack Sealer

  • This is a pourable asphalt crack sealant that is delivered on site in liquid form.
  • Because it is poured into the crack without being heated first, it needs time to cure before the pavement sealer can be added.
  • Cold-pour crack sealers become inflexible once they dry and therefore they cannot expand or contract or adjust to changing temperatures.
  • This is problematic because it is only a temporary solution to a potentially expensive and even hazardous problem.
  • Because the cold, pourable asphalt crack filler cannot meld with the asphalt around it during temperature changes, it is often ejected when the ground freezes, which means all of the repair work was done in vain.
  • Cold-pour asphalt crack sealers have a very weak connection to the surrounding asphalt; therefore, they become disconnected very easily with slight weather changes, which means the same crack will need to be repaired multiple times and frequently.

In the end, the obvious and more prudent choice for all of your asphalt repair needs is hot-pour asphalt sealer.

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