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Asphalt sealcoating is an essential service for many business owners to upgrade their commercial lots. Applying a protective layer to asphalt pavement may extend the life of the parking lot by shielding against oil, ultraviolet light, and water damage.

As with any property maintenance, however, asphalt sealcoating comes with many misconceptions and myths. These can cause some commercial parking lot owners to overlook this important protection. Are you hesitating using sealcoating services because of something you have heard? Let’s look at 10 common misleading notions about asphalt sealcoating. 

Sealcoating Removes Existing Cracks from the Pavement

Over time, it is common to notice dozens of cracks in commercial lots due to the heavy traffic areas. These cracks if left untreated can lead to the deterioration of the pavement with larger cracks and potholes. 

Unfortunately, sealcoating alone will not remove these cracks. Spaces less than one half inch wide and one inch deep can be repaired with a hot rubberized material before any sealcoating can be done. Larger cracks will require patching with asphalt before sealcoating

It’s Only for Aesthetics Purposes

While an aesthetically pleasing commercial lot is an advantage of having sealcoating applied, it is not the only reason to have it done. Sealcoating is necessary for protection of the underlying asphalt, not just to liven up the look of the lot. 

In addition to protecting against extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, the sealcoat protects against damage potentially caused by road salt, oil, and gas spills. Sealcoating is a simple inexpensive way to extend the life of the commercial asphalt pavement

It Makes the Asphalt Slippery

This widespread myth is actually the opposite of the truth. Asphalt commercial sealcoating in Toronto helps to give lots and walkways a slip-resistant surface. The composition of the sealcoating protects drivers and pedestrians from slips and falls often seen with untreated asphalt paving. 

It should be noted that the sealcoat application can create a slick surface on the asphalt pavement for the first few days. Once the top coating is completely dried and settled, the surface should provide traction.  

It’s Bad for the Environment

Sealcoating mixtures contain bituminous coal-based compounds, water, polymer additives, silica sand, and exclusive fillers, depending on the manufacturer. This mixture does contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), the same naturally made chemicals that have been criticized for not being eco-friendly. 

That being said, neither the Environmental Protection Act nor the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have classified these components has hazardous to living creatures or the environment. This may be due to the fact that PAHs are found in everyday personal hygiene products as well as popular foods. 

All Sealcoating Materials Are the Same

Actually, not all sealcoating materials are the same. Just like many marketed products, sealcoat can be produced with inferior ingredients, and it largely depends on the individual manufacturer.

The commercial grade created or used by a reputable manufacturer needs to meet all industry regulations. A professional commercial sealcoating company will provide full details on the creation and application of the product to demonstrate the high-quality of the mixture. 

Sealcoating Is Not Durable

As sealcoating is applied to asphalt pavement by spray or roller, many critics claim it cannot be durable to withstand harsh conditions and damage. The purpose of sealcoat is to protect the underlying asphalt layers from damage of wind, sun, snow, and rain. 

The proof of durability is seeing how the sealcoat fills in the macro-pores of the asphalt pavement to prevent water penetration. Think of sealcoat as defensive layer over the pavement as the protective glass or case encasing your smartphone. 

Sealcoating Is Very Expensive

Commercial parking lot owners may be hesitant to invest in sealcoating as the process is often thought to be a costly expense. For GTA asphalt sealcoating, the price depends on the chosen company. 

A reputable sealcoating company can provide top-quality products to protect your asphalt pavement, saving you money in the long run. The durability can help prevent frequent damage to the asphalt caused by weather and traffic. Contrary to popular belief, superior sealcoat can cost cents per square foot.

Sealcoating Is Very Disruptive

Sealcoating of a small or large commercial lot can be done with little to no disruption to the ongoing business of the property. The work can be done after business hours or, if not applicable, sections of the commercial lot can be cordoned off to allow for traffic flow at a reduced movement.

If the thought of needing to shut down for a day or two is the reason for not hiring a sealcoating company, rest assured that the contractor will work with a schedule beneficial to each side. 

Sealcoating Takes Too Long to Dry

Actually, the sealcoating product only takes 24 hours to dry before pedestrian or vehicle traffic should be permitted to travel on the surface. The length of time to dry can also depend on the manufacturer or sealcoating service company.

The timeline really depends on the quality of the sealcoat as well as the current weather conditions. This is why, oftentimes, larger commercial lots have sealcoat applied in marked-off sections over a one- or two-week period. 

Asphalt Sealers and Mix Designs Are Same

Just as not all sealcoating mixtures are the same, the asphalt sealer and accompanying mixtures are also not the same. Different manufacturers use varying mixtures to help with traction on the finished lot and to prevent marking on pavement from heavy traffic. These mixtures can include the use of sand and/or added water. 

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