Now that summer is over and the leaves are starting to turn, having your catch basins cleaned is one of the projects that should be at the top of your to-do list for the fall. Southern Ontario has seen an incredible record-breaking wet season this summer. In fact, Toronto saw rainfall in 19 of the 31 days in July alone!

With all of that rain, it means that dirt, debris, and garbage were swept into catch basins across the city. Add the accumulation of soon-to-be falling leaves in the Fall, and cleaning your catch basins is more important than ever. 

What Are Catch Basins?

A catch basin is a water passage system that allows free moving water to be displaced from a property. Commonly referred to as a storm drain, surface water drain sewer, or storm sewer, these systems are designed to force the water from the surface of a property or road to a reservoir, treatment facility, river, or lake. 

Catch basins are installed on the lowest point of a property or strategically placed along a road for maximum impact. These basins have a “catch factor” that allows the debris such as fallen leaves to be separated from the draining water. 

The debris must be properly removed from the catch basin to prevent the basin, pipes, and connecting portions of the system from getting clogged. 

The type of catch basin installed on a property depends on the size and slope, the local climate, and the condition of the asphalt pavement. The catch basin must be installed to “catch” the most amount of water that covers the property at the lowest point, so gravity pulls the water away from the surface. 

Catch Basin

Fall Maintenance for Catch Basins

In urban areas such as Toronto, catch basins are an essential part of the landscape to prevent flooding on major roads, streets, and parking lots. During the summer, dust, dirt, debris, garbage, sticks, and other objects can end up in the catch basin system. As the leaves fall, these too can become swept into the catch basin, intensifying the clogging of the system.  

The buildup of these items can prevent the catch basin from functioning properly as a water draining system. The backup of excess water can cause pooling and damage to the underlying pavement. The average rainfall in Toronto in September is 53 millimetres with October seeing an average of 85 millimetres, making these months the wettest months of the year for the city. 

This is why it’s important to perform fall maintenance for all catch basins on your property at least once a year, if not twice. 

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Benefits of Fall Catch Basin Cleaning

There are three main benefits to having a catch basin thoroughly inspected and cleaned before the colder temperatures begin.

Fall is known as the rainy season in and around Toronto. The buildup of rainfall during torrential downpours can cause flash flooding along parking lots and roadways. Having a working catch basin can help prevent flooding in these areas. 

While it may seem like catch basin repairs are a costly and time-consuming disadvantage to municipalities and business property owners, discovering potential issues such as a clogged pipe or cracked basin can prevent emergency repairs in a crisis. This can also save you money in the long run.

Having regular catch basin cleaning can help keep the property safe. A faulty catch basin can cause significant water pooling which can damage the pavement, contaminate the waterway, and increase the risk of liability claims from accidents and injuries. 

Professional Catch Basin Cleaning Services

When it comes to catch basin rebuilding and/or cleaning process, it is highly recommended to hire a professional company to do the job. Much of the materials found in commercial catch basins hold pollutants and/or toxic chemicals. 

A reliable removal service has the proper tools and specialized equipment to remove the debris and dispose of it properly, safely, and effectively. They will also use advanced technology, such as vacuum extraction, flusher trucks, hydro jetting, and power flushing. 

Professionals can also identify any potential issues or evidence of damage and take measures to prevent a catastrophe. Even the smallest of damage can lead to extensive catch basin repairs or replacement. This can be costly and may require the removal and replacement of the surrounding pavement and/or curbs. 

Preparing for Spring

On the surface it may seem premature to prepare for spring runoff in the fall, but with recent weather patterns, it may be the smartest way to reduce the risk of flooding and save money. 

Catch basins can become clogged with dirt, debris, garbage, sticks, and leaves throughout the year. Having the system properly cleaned before the frost sets in can help lower the amount of material over the wintertime that builds up and causes problems in the spring. 

Furthermore, Ontario winters often present several thaw-freeze cycles over several weeks which can create a scenario of excess water once spring arrives. 

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