Asphalt Milling and PavingSince commercial driveway renovations might seem complicated, many property owners neglect their driveways, allowing them to deteriorate and fall into disrepair. However, there are some good reasons why every property owner should think about their driveway. If you’re expanding or renovating your commercial property, you may have no choice but to consider pavement milling. In Brampton and other areas in the GTA, the sheer number of options available may further complicate the decision.

Why a Driveway for Your Commercial Property?

Driveways play an important role for your property. They provide your visitors with a place to park or stop when picking up or dropping off items. However, driveways also play a role in the appearance of a property, as they are one of the first things guests, visitors, and buyers see on your property.

It’s also important to note that a poorly maintained driveway can cause injuries or even be a liability issue. If a visitor damages their car due to potholes or uneven surfaces, you could be held responsible for damages.

Commercial Driveway Options

There are three common types of driveways that you can choose for your property.

Gravel Driveways

Gravel is the cheapest material that can be used for a driveway and gravel driveways can be easily built. The downside to these is that they are very rough, uneven, and bumpy, making them the worst surface for driving on. Since gravel is loose, it can also spread to your lawn or the street, creating a mess. They are also not well-suited to rainfall, as they can cause water runoff onto your property.

Concrete Driveways

As the most expensive material for driveways, concrete is a pricey choice that creates a smooth, clear surface that is great for cars. Concrete doesn’t require much maintenance but is susceptible to cracks, which means that it can be easily damaged by water.

Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is the most popular choice for driveways, as it’s more cost-effective than concrete and providers a much smoother surface than gravel. Asphalt driveways are smooth, durable, and resistant to many types of damage. They also look great. If they are not maintained regularly, they can develop cracks and end up being damaged by water or rainfall.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Driveway

Should you lay down gravel for your driveway, or should you opt for asphalt milling and paving? It depends on a variety of factors.


Your budget will dictate what type of driveway you can choose. The cheapest option is gravel, but it also provides the most uneven surface. Consider your budget, but also think of the long term. With asphalt paving or concrete, your driveway can last a long time as long as you perform regular maintenance. These can be more cost-effective options than they initially seem.


The type of driveway you choose should depend on the climate you are in. For instance, a gravel driveway may work well in a desert climate, but it can be problematic in wet or cold conditions, where ice and water runoff can occur. Asphalt driveways are more resistant to rainfall and snow, making them good for wet or cold climates.

Long-Term Plan

Always consider the long-term implications of your driveway. While gravel is the easiest option for building a driveway, it can require difficult ongoing maintenance (regular weeding, regular cleanup, etc.) and you may end up spending more time on your driveway than with asphalt or concrete. While you may need asphalt paving contractors to create your asphalt driveway, you will likely only need some simple, routine maintenance every couple of years.


What do you want your driveway to look like? Your driveway has a big effect on the appearance of your property, so always consider the visuals. Both gravel and asphalt can look very nice on commercial properties, while concrete usually has a more industrial appearance.


Is your driveway more for appearances, or is it going to be used frequently? If your driveway is going to be used on an ongoing basis, then you should choose a driveway material that will give you a smooth, clean surface that makes driving and walking easy.


A good driveway should last years or even decades with regular maintenance. If you expect to be living on the property for the long term, do not choose the cheapest options. Instead, opt for the type of driveway that will have the longest lifespan.

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