catch basin repairCatch basin repair can be important for keeping your parking lot in good condition and saving on costly repair jobs further down the line.

Catch basins serve an important function in parking lots, helping drain water runoff and prevent pooling water that can damage asphalt. For large asphalt surfaces, having catch basin drains are essential for preventing damage and the need for repairs.

However, catch basins can also become damaged for a variety of common reasons. When a catch basin becomes damaged or stops draining water properly, speedy repair can be the difference between keeping a parking lot in good condition and having to shell out for extensive repairs.

Causes of Catch Basin Failures in Parking Lots

There are a few things that can commonly cause failure with catch basins in parking lots.
One issue that can possible arise is for drains to become clogged by debris, preventing proper drainage and leading to a backflow of water. Catch basin grates are spaced to prevent large objects from entering, but smaller debris can still flow through the grate and into the drains. Leaves, branches, and litter can all contribute to clogging.

However, catch basins can also fail due to damage. Over time, the blocks and bricks used to construct a catch basin can erode and deteriorate. As well, water can begin to infiltrate the catch basin casing or pool in between the grate and asphalt, leading to deterioration. Eventually, when deterioration has progressed, the catch basin can sink, collapse, or cease to function.

Asphalt Parking Lot Catch Basin Repair

Parking lot drain repair will depend on the type of damage that has occurred. For clogged catch basins, a catch basin cleaning can usually restore normal function unless some form of damage has also occurred. Catch basin cleanings do not require any extensive work or labour. They can be performed simply and affordably by professional contractors. It is important to have catch basins cleaned promptly whenever an issue arises as pooling water could end up leading to major damage that requires extensive repair.

For any damage that has occurred, drainage catch basin repair will be necessary. Before having a catch basin repaired, it’s important to have a professional pavement maintenance company check out the parking lot and catch basin. Sometimes, there can be hidden damage, and the contractors will have to determine the extent of the damage.

Typically, asphalt removal and replacement will be performed on the area surrounding the catch basin, removing any damaged asphalt and ensuring access to the grate and frame of the catch basin. Depending on the extent of the damage, different repairs will be performed. For minor damage, a contractor may be able to simply replace bricks and blocks. However, if there has been a collapse or other severe form of damage, then they may need to perform catch basin rebuilding, reconstructing much of the catch basin.

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