Asphalt resurfacing is a solution for aging commercial and industrial properties that are riddled with patchwork, cracking, and potholes. Instead of repaving your entire property at the first signs of pavement fatigue, asphalt resurfacing with edge milling may be a better, more cost-effective method. 


What Is Asphalt Resurfacing?

With GTA pavement resurfacing projects, the top layer(s) of the asphalt is removed and replaced. It is a cost-effective method to repair minor damages and/or indentations in the pavement. Having it done at the first signs of large cracks or potholes can help reduce the need for a complete parking lot replacement down to the foundation. It’s important to note, however, that a resurfacing project can only be done with a stable base. 

Asphalt resurfacing usually consists of replacing and repaving the top layers (one to two inches in depth) of pavement. This can help expand the lifespan of the parking lot or road while providing a newly aesthetically pleasing paved surface. 

What Is Edge Milling?

Milling is a procedure used to remove material from a surface. In the case of asphalt edge milling, a specialized machine is used to remove a specific depth of an asphalt surface. It is commonly used to repair damaged surfaces, alter sloping angles, adjust indentations, and install catch basins or speed humps. 

The milling machinery is capable of removing the asphalt layers down to the subbase or can be calibrated to a precise depth such as one-quarter of an inch. Having the ability for such accuracy allows the pavement to be smooth and level with drains, manhole covers, and other inground structures. 

The Importance of Edge Milling

Edge milling is a technique to provide a safe and effective pathway for vehicles and pedestrians. A paved parking lot usually features pathways, curbs, gutters, catch basins, and safety barriers. Using edge milling to connect these and other features of the property reduces the risk of accidents, incidents, and liability claims. 

In addition, the application allows for proper water runoff from areas of the pavement that would otherwise develop pooling. Creating height restrictions and drops where deemed necessary improves the functionality of a parking lot or access road. 

Benefits of Edge Milling

The science and technology of edge milling provides a wealth of benefits that extend beyond the aesthetics of a smooth new surface. The application is done with little to no disruption of traffic flow while providing an eco-friendly solution with no hazardous emissions. 

Edge milling can help extend the lifespan of the paved property and reduce the need for frequent repairs and resurfacing. The modern methods used can better protect the asphalt from damage. Overall, edge milling is a cost-effective technique to save money over time. 

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