Why Is It Important to Repair Asphalt?

Asphalt repair is considered a preventative measure to protect the lifespan of asphalt before replacement is essential. Constant vehicle and foot traffic, weather conditions, and other environmental factors can cause the components of the asphalt to deteriorate.

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A thorough inspection of the parking lot or access road will uncover the condition of the existing asphalt. Cracks could signify asphalt fatigue while water pooling could identify poor drainage and areas. If the pavement has humps or potholes it could indicate serious issues that may exist in the foundation of the pavement.

Many factors such as the quality of the asphalt, the application, and care and maintenance of the lot can determine how often you need to repair your asphalt. Asphalt crack sealing is one method to extend the lifespan of the pavement if used in the developing stages of the cracks. Sealcoating is recommended at least once every few years.

Asphalt crack repair is a viable service for paved areas that have not sustained severe damage. However, if you notice alligator cracking, deep potholes, fading, breaking or edging, and drainage issues, it might signify that your asphalt needs to be replaced as opposed to repaired.

Asphalt repair can cost less depending on the extent of the damage of the pavement. Cracks and potholes can be repaired and resurfaced with costs in the range of $5-$15/square foot while a replacement project can cost $11-$21/square foot. Asphalt replacement requires demolition and asphalt removal before the foundation can be prepared. The extra time, labour, and materials can increase costs.

The costs associated with asphalt repairs depend on a number of factors including the existing condition of the asphalt, the size of the targeted property, and the amount of time and materials needed for the repair. The preparation costs may also include drainage system installation and excessive use of equipment.

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. has the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to find solutions for commercial asphalt repairs. Time, weather, and repetitive use can cause adverse effects on the components of the asphalt. We offer on-site consultations to discover the best solutions for your property.

An asphalt prime coat helps to protect the underlying foundation while improving the results of the top layer of asphalt. A prime coat is a thin layer of asphalt that is applied to the top of the base before the surface asphalt is poured. Acting as a strong adhesion, an asphalt prime coat protects both the foundation and the top layers.

Commercial asphalt repair protects the existing asphalt from further cracking, crumbling, and damage caused by wear and tear and weather conditions. Having your asphalt repaired at the first signs of cracking or potholes can extend the lifespan of the area, avoiding the need for replacement sooner than expected.

At some point, all asphalt will need repair and/or replacement. To extend the time between installation and the need for repairs, Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. can provide various preventative measures.

Environmental factors such as water, dirt, and harsh ultraviolet rays can damage the asphalt, so sealcoating the surface of the pavement can protect against cracking. Regularly cleaning the surface, such as removing dirt, leaves, garbage, and other debris, can prevent damage to the components and to the subbase.

As the asphalt can deteriorate from the heavy weight of vehicles, stress and cracks can occur, increasing the need for frequent repairs. Parking these types of vehicles in various areas on the property can help reduce the risk of damage.

While asphalt components are designed to be durable and long-lasting, it does take one year for asphalt to fully cure. Any newly repaired space should be out of use for at least 24 hours with no heavy-weight vehicles parking on the asphalt for 30 days, if possible. To extend the lifespan, it is recommended to avoid parking in the same spot every day until the asphalt cures completely.

For a properly laid asphalt parking lot, several important steps are needed. Asphalt repairs begin with the demolition and removal of the targeted area(s) before the grading and sloping of the ground is performed.

The foundation is prepared by testing the soil and examining for any existing damage. Proof rolling, undercutting, and subbase repair is completed before the binder and surface is prepped. The new asphalt is poured, and the final roll is completed.

We offer guaranteed workmanship and the use of top-quality products to extend the lifespan of your asphalt lot. Newly paved properties with little traffic flow can see repairs last for up to 20 years while pavement with heavy traffic flow can need attention within 10 to 15 years.

Asphalt repair contractors such as Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. ensure all members of the team, and the general public, are protected with strict safety measures. We use safety glasses, face shields, respirators, safety gloves, and other personal protective equipment when needed.