When Is Asphalt Removal & Replacement Necessary?

Whether it’s a pathway, road, or parking lot, the condition of the paved surface will determine if complete removal and replacement are necessary or if just patching or asphalt resurfacing will do.

Factors affecting the condition of your asphalt include water pooling due to poor drainage, elevation problems, or weakening of the integrity of the subbase layer.

Patching can fix minor imperfections, while asphalt resurfacing is appropriate when the top layers of asphalt is damaged enough that it must be removed and redone. The more intensive full asphalt removal and replacement is needed when factors like multiple potholes, severe cracking of the asphalt, and/or undermining of the subbase layer are present. Replacement is also required when the age of the pavement is evident by extreme discolouration.

Costs for asphalt removal and replacement involve the size of the targeted lot, the ease of access for equipment, the complexity of the project, and the specific contractor hired.

The size and complexity of the project and the weather can determine the length of time needed for asphalt removal and replacement. It can take up to 10 days for removal and new application, with up to an additional 10 days for curing.

Property owners should be aware of the extent of the removal and replacement process, especially for business owners, as it may disrupt the regular flow of business.

The project begins with demolition. The process is followed by grading and sloping, preparing the subbase layer, tack coating application, and asphalt application. Then, temporary barriers are put in place to allow for curing.

Before any demolition can begin, all removable items must be taken from the area where the asphalt is to be replaced.

Depending on the paving company and the size of the project, a jackhammer or excavator may be used to break up the asphalt. A milling machine removes the asphalt surface before a sweeper is used to clean the surface.

Dump trucks remove the asphalt from the site before using a paver screed, wheeler roller, and pneumatic tire roller for application.

Most asphalt removed from roads and parking lots is transported to an asphalt plant to be screened and sized for reuse.

Yes, most paving companies remove and reuse the asphalt once it goes through a recycling process.

Asphalt maintenance begins on day one after a new pavement application. Regularly removing debris, rocks, and litter can protect your new asphalt.

Quickly addressing any liquid spills from vehicles or equipment and applying a seal coat every two to three years also helps. And any signs of cracks, holes, or impressions in the pavement should be repaired by professionals immediately.

Asphalt replacement projects should last up to 30 years if care and regular maintenance are adhered to when needed.

Additionally, the quality of the pavement also depends on the application process, which requires good weather, high-quality materials, and a solid foundation subbase.

Avoiding foot or vehicle traffic on a newly paved surface for at least the first 24 hours to allow the curing process to begin is highly recommended. However, if extreme heating conditions at the time, the pavement should be left for two days before use.

Yes, most paving companies remove and reuse the asphalt once it goes through a recycling process.

Regular maintenance of the newly paved area will help extend the asphalt’s lifespan. Also, ensuring adequate water drainage and regularly applying seal coating will significantly extend the life of the pavement.

Even when the project needs to take place during the colder months, reputable asphalt paving contractors will still complete the project. However, the length of time for the removal and replacement is dependent on the weather within the weeks surrounding the projected date.

Depending on the location and local zoning regulations, a permit may be required for large asphalt removal and replacement projects. But a professional paving company will know if your project requires any type of permit.

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