Did you know that commercial asphalt pavement can help to increase the value of your property? Asphalt pavement installation when applied by a reputable paving contractor will enhance the curb appeal of your property, provide a professional atmosphere, and offer a safe and secure area for employees and clientele. 

Asphalt Pavement

Is Pavement a Good Investment?

Yes, asphalt pavement is one of the best investments a commercial business can make! A paved parking lot and walkways can help prevent accidents and injuries to people and damage to vehicles caused by loose gravel and dirt. Upgrading the property with asphalt can increase the value of the property in addition to presenting an impressive lot. 

How Does an Asphalt Pavement Increase the Value of Commercial Property?

Commercial asphalt repair contractors understand the science behind using quality materials during pavement application and why seal coating asphalt commercial properties is vital. When you invest in your property, the return on investment is high. Not only will your property look better, but the property value can also increase, which can equate to higher selling prices when the time comes to sell the property. 

Remember first impressions are important. A run-down unkept yard can make visitors question the professionalism of your business and can also turn away potential buyers. 

A real estate appraisal takes into account depreciation when evaluating the value of the property. A well-maintained commercial parking lot has more value than one that is not paved or has not been preserved. 

Below are some of the ways a well-maintained commercial property can increase the overall value of your property.

Improved Aesthetics

As mentioned above, a freshly paved parking lot can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your property. The sleek, black finish of asphalt provides a rich contrast to neutral-colored buildings and lush green landscapes. This allows for the value of the property to be higher than that of a commercial parking lot with gravel or a dirt-filled driveway. 

Enhanced Functionality

A smooth asphalt finish provides enhanced functionality to your property. As loose rocks from gravel and dirt parking lots can cause vehicle damage and present a higher risk for accidents, smooth asphalt enhances the functionality of the commercial property. A smooth surface can also absorb the shock of heavy-weight vehicles. 

Cost Savings

Asphalt does need care and maintenance over time to prevent serious damage from cracks and potholes. This form of maintenance can save property owners money from having to prematurely replace the asphalt and can reduce the potential risk of liability claims seen with unpaved lots. In comparison with other parking lot surfaces, asphalt can last up to 30 years with proper care, reducing the need for a complete replacement of the surface of the parking lot. 

Increased Safety

The safety of employees and clientele are top priority for all businesses. Commercial parking lots with a new or replaced asphalt surfaces can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by cracks and impressions in the pavement. Improving the flow of traffic and traction also adds to safety measures. 

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Installation of asphalt is a reliable method of placing a durable substance on the property to enhance the security and safety of users. With a low maintenance, asphalt only requires regular inspection, sweeping, and a sealcoating once every two years for protection. A few preventive measures can save money in the long run, not to mention secure an increase in property value.

Environmentally Friendly

All properties can see an increase in value with use of environmentally friendly substances such as asphalt. With this sustainable choice often made from 100% reusable and recyclable compounds, asphalt is a superior choice over other surface coverings such as concrete. 

Factors to Consider When Investing in Asphalt Pavement

A well-maintained parking lot can be a breath of fresh air for business owners and visitors alike. That being said, not all asphalt pavement is the same. There are significant factors to consider before having asphalt pavement installed. 

Climate Suitability

While we cannot control the weather, there are steps to ensure the effects of wind, rain, snow, ice, and heat do not cause severe damage to the asphalt. A reputable asphalt contractor will start by developing a good subbase and cover it with high-quality asphalt and aggregates. This will ensure a long-lasting surface that can withstand the local environment. 

Maintenance Requirements

Investing in top-quality asphalt from the get-go may cost you a little more upfront, but it will equate to lower maintenance costs. All types of asphalt fall victim to wear-and-tear, damage from environmental factors, and water penetration. Regular maintenance to repair cracks, indentations, and crumbling asphalt is key in preventative measures. 

Longevity and Durability

The longevity and durability of the asphalt products are key considerations as the last thing a property owner wants is to remove and replace a parking lot yearly. Reputable asphalt suppliers will use only top-quality products and will apply a firm and substantial foundation. The layer(s) of the existing asphalt must also be in good condition with no cracks or damage throughout the parking lot or along the edges.

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