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Make Your Asphalt Pavement Look Like New Again: Best Practices to Repair Alligator Cracking

asphalt paving

Despite being one of the most durable, flexible, affordable, and sustainable paving materials in the paving industry, asphalt isn’t entirely immune to cracking and other damages. Even if you take great care of your asphalt parking lot, occasional cracks are still inevitable, especially if your property gets a lot of heavy traffic. Alligator cracking is […]

Different Types of Cracks and How to Resolve Them

types of crack

When installed and properly maintained by a professional contractor, asphalt pavement should theoretically last for a very long time. Occasionally, however, pavement crack sealing and asphalt repairs will be necessary. The repair methods depend on the type of damages you’re dealing with. To help simplify matters, we’ve created an extensive guide to help you identify […]