asphalt sealcoatingThere’s no better time than the spring season to invest in quality asphalt sealcoating. Once all the snow and sleet has melted away and you’ve had the opportunity to clear away all of the leftover debris from your storefront’s parking lot, it’s time to assess the damage winter has unleashed on your asphalt. Before you get started on the sealcoating process, you need to thoroughly examine every inch of your parking lot for damages like cracks, potholes, and oil leaks from vehicles, and make sure you fix these issues first. Sealcoating your asphalt prior to repairing any of these damages is counterproductive and a waste of time and money.

4 Reasons Spring Is the Best Time to Sealcoat Your Asphalt

There are many reasons why spring is the best time to sealcoat your driveway above all other seasons. You can immediately take care of any asphalt damages directly caused by harsh winter weather, add curb appeal to your storefront parking lot, work with ideal asphalt sealcoating conditions, and protect your asphalt against potential damages caused by the summer heat.

Repair and Reverse Winter Damage

Canadian winters entail some of the harshest weather conditions in the world and this can cause moderate to severe damage to your asphalt. The best way to stay on top of these damages before they become expensive and irreparable nuisances for you in the future is to sealcoat your parking lot at least once every two to five years. This gives you more incentive to actually check for damages on your property and have them repaired before they transform into much bigger problems. As the property owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain the aesthetic appeal and overall safety of your parking lot for the sake of everyone who uses it.

Add Curb Appeal

Customers are more likely to be impressed and enamoured with a clean, hazard-free parking lot. Your storefront exterior speaks volumes to prospective customers about the way you run your business and unsightly parking lots that are riddled with large cracks and potholes are a huge turnoff to many people, especially if they’re not already familiar with your business. These types of damages can cause serious bodily harm and damage people’s vehicles. In many ways, they’re a lawsuit waiting to happen. For many people, it’s a subconscious assertion, but they certainly notice the visual look of your parking lot, and this helps them determine a professional-looking business from one that’s poorly run. Toronto and the GTA are full of beautiful and upscale areas that maintain their mass appeal because of the property owners’ business savvy willingness to invest in high-quality asphalt sealcoating for their parking lots.

Ideal Curing Conditions in the Spring

The moderate weather and temperatures in the spring create the perfect conditions for repairing damages to your asphalt and subsequently sealcoating it for protection. In the winter, the cold temperatures interfere with the setting process, not to mention the fact that massive precipitation levels are likely to undo all of the work you put into repairing the damages in the first place. Summer temperatures are far too hot, and the exposure to the harsh UV rays from the sun will only prolong the setting process, which could be bad for your business. Autumn comes with its own set of issues: the falling leaves could clog your drainage pipes and stick to the freshly laid sealcoat.

Protect Against Damages in the Summertime and Beyond

Sealcoating your asphalt in the spring will revitalize and re-strengthen it so that it’s prepared to handle the heavy, mid-July heat and humidity that’s well known in Toronto and the GTA. Smog is a serious problem in Toronto, and it can cause severe damage to an unprotected parking lot, especially in the summer. In the long run, the risks of not sealcoating your asphalt will end up costing you much more than taking the time to maintain it.

Asphalt Sealcoating Contractors in the GTA

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. has over 20 years of experience in asphalt paving and repairs. We offer an industry-leading, seven-year structural warranty and we stand behind the quality and durability of our services, ensuring that our work will last a long time. For a free consultation, please call our toll-free number 1-888-728-3636 or if you’re in Toronto, call (416) 410-3705.