Brampton, Canada, June 25, 2015 – Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. (, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading asphalt pavement maintenance and repair company, is weighing in on a recent asphalt maintenance and repair scam. The company is also providing its expert tips on how to avoid being the victims of such scams.

Several residents of Tompkins County, New York were recently targeted by an asphalt repair company that overcharged for services and worked without a permit. The sheriff’s department reported that the scam mainly targeted elderly homeowners and that the fraudulent company is unlicensed and unlisted. (Source: Towne, N., “Asphalt Scam Warning For Tompkins County Residents,”, June 6, 2015;

“The case in Tompkins County proves the importance of making sure the hired asphalt sealer contractor is legitimate,” says Lance Bradshaw, president and CEO of Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. “That’s why it is recommended that customers always do their research first.”

Though the scam mainly went after homeowners, business owners can still be the victims of fraudulent driveway sealing contractors. That’s why it is recommended that property owners contact their desired contractor themselves. Many municipalities also provide a list of scams in the area that should be referred to.

In addition, contractors running a scam will often say that they have extra material they are looking to get rid of before it “goes bad.” “This is a huge red flag, as paving materials do not have an expiry date,” Bradshaw explains. “Also beware of companies that go door-to-door trying to solicit customers.”

If the company’s vehicles are not lettered or lack a logo, this is another potential sign of an illegitimate paving company. And if the contractor asks that payment for their services be made out to cash, this is another indication that it may be a scam.

“Finally, clients should ask to see a contractor’s licenses and registrations,” Bradshaw concludes. “If they are a legitimate paving services provider, they will provide all the necessary paperwork without question. In fact, many have this information, along with any certifications they may have, listed prominently on their web site.”

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