If you are considering asphalt sealcoating in Toronto, the benefits can last for years with proper care and maintenance. Continue reading to learn how a few simple steps can extend the integrity of the sealcoat and underlying asphalt. 



Keep Off the Pavement

Sealcoat requires time to cure and dry before the surface can be used. The air temperature can have a significant impact on the drying time as heat promotes the curing process. With temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius, wait 24 hours before foot and vehicle traffic is allowed on the pavement. If the average temperature is between 7 to 10 degrees Celsius, the recommended time to cure is 36 to 48 hours. 

Block Off Your Parking Lot

Before and after sealcoating a parking lot, use barriers such as cones, tape, or railings to block off the area. As the asphalt surface needs to be properly cleaned and free of debris during the sealcoat application, blocking the area can prevent pedestrians and vehicles from damaging the surface before the curing and drying time is complete.

Paint the Surface with New Parking Lot Lines

Sealcoating is an important maintenance tool for an asphalt paved parking lot. The existing painted lines will be covered over by the black material of the sealcoat. Once the sealcoat has dried and cured, restripe the appropriate areas of the lot to maintain traffic flow when permitted on the surface again. 

Check the Surface to Avoid Any Asphalt Cracks

Once the sealcoat is dried, continue with regular checks of the asphalt. Weather conditions, weight of traffic, and chemical spills can severely damage the top layer causing cracks to form. Water and moisture from rain and snow can expand these cracks allowing the underlying asphalt to become damaged. 

Clean the Stains

Even with the highest quality of sealcoat used by a commercial asphalt sealing company in Toronto, the sealcoat layer is susceptible to the effects of fuel, oil, and other fluids. If any spills are discovered during pavement checks, address them as soon as possible with a proper degreaser substance to remove the stains. 

Prepare for the Winter

De-icer products may work for pathways and roads, but it can damage the integrity of the sealcoat material. Use sand to address icy patches on the sealcoat for traction without breaking down the components of the material. 

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