Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. - Article - 040215_imageThere are many benefits of sealcoating, but perhaps the two biggest are that it will extend the life of your pavement and add value to your property. Think of asphalt sealcoating as being an investment in your property, as it significantly lengthens the life of your pavement and covers any unsightly damaged surfaces on your parking lot.

Reasons to Hire Sealcoating Services

Asphalt sealcoating will greatly slow down deterioration; even the best pavement will start to come apart over time as it is exposed to UV radiation and light. Sealcoating will also protect against the elements, which can lead to surface cracking and ravelling. And even if the asphalt paving on your property was done properly, sealcoating will still greatly extend the life of your parking lot by protecting the asphalt binder.

Slowing Oxidation

As noted, sealcoating greatly slows the aging process; if it’s caught early enough, you can stop the deterioration before it goes too far, making it years before you need to have your parking lot sealcoated again. And not only will the oxidation process be slowed, but it will also prevent cracks that water can seep into and cause further damage.

Sealcoating Services as Part of Asphalt Repair

Sealcoating can prevent potholes and cracks in pavement; following repairs, it also helps to keep these issues from reoccurring. A contractor can further advise you on how to make the most of sealcoating when used to repair asphalt.

Improves the Look of Pavement

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, sealcoating will greatly improve the look of the pavement on your property. If you own a shopping mall or other retail establishment, the condition of your pavement can say a lot about your business. That’s why it’s recommended that you have your parking lot sealcoated and line striped every two years; not only will this improve the look of your parking lot, but it will also make your property much more attractive to potential clients.

What Professional Sealcoating Services Will Do

When you hire a contractor for asphalt paving, they will look for trouble spots, clean up the area(s), and then fill in any cracks. They will then patch any potholes, prep your parking lot for the sealcoating, and finally apply it.

As the leading provider of asphalt repair and paving, we at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. use only the best sealcoating materials for our projects. Whether you’re looking to have your pavement repaired or your parking lot paved, we will perform sealcoating to greatly extend the life of your property and improve its appearance. Contact us for more information today!