Toronto, Canada, July 16 2015 – Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. (, the Greater Toronto Area’s leading pavement maintenance and repair company, is weighing in on the risk of thermal burns due to hot pavement, especially for children.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and city of Charlottesville, North Carolina recently advised parents and pet owners that the paving on a driveway, parking lot, footpath, or playground can heat up quickly, even in mild weather, and cause burns to children and pets’ feet. Kids under the age of two are the most at risk of burns from hot pavement. (Source: “Summer playground safety: Thermal burn awareness for parents, kids,”, June 20, 2015;

“It goes without saying that kids should wear proper footwear when they’re outside playing during the summer,” says Lance Bradshaw, President and CEO of Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. “Parents and pet owners should be aware that if the pavement feels hot to the touch for them, it will be too hot for children or pets as well.”

Depending on the temperature, even a relatively mild day at 25 degrees could cause the temperature of pavement to heat up to 125 degrees; this is a temperature that can cause damage to skin in less than 60 seconds. At 30 degrees, pavement can heat up to 131 degrees, which is hot enough to fry an egg in five minutes. These temperatures also depend on a number of variables, such as the sun shining directly on the pavement, how humid it is, and whether or not there’s any wind. (Source: “Hot Asphalt Awareness – Be Mindful of the 7 Second Rule,”, July 3, 2012;

“Even if it’s a humid or windy day, don’t take any chances. Make sure that kids are wearing shoes if they’re going to be walking on pavement and take pets out for a walk in the morning or evening,” Bradshaw concludes. “Black pavement especially will heat up quickly in direct sunlight, so it is strongly advised not to walk pets on it and make sure that children have proper footwear.”

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