Pavement Markings in Toronto High quality pavement marking in Toronto and the GTA doesn’t have to be expensive or challenging as long as you have the right contractor working for you. The professional and experienced contractors at Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. have been working in the industry for over two decades and we know pretty much everything there is to know about the federal and municipal standards for property maintenance in Ontario. Trust us to get the job done right the first time and help keep your asphalt road markings completely up-to-date.

Continue reading to learn more about our extensive pavement marking services throughout Toronto and the GTA and how it can benefit the exterior of your industrial, commercial, or residential property.

Pavement Markings in Toronto

At Sure-Seal, our main priority is to deliver the best possible results to our clients on a daily basis. Guaranteeing and delivering the absolute functionality and overall safety of properties throughout Toronto and the GTA is how we’re able to keep our customers satisfied for many years to come. We only use top quality materials, but manage to keep our costs low by working with industry-leading brands to come up with the ultimate pavement installation, maintenance, and marking solutions for our customers. That means you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank whenever you call upon us to service your property. We perform routine exterior property maintenance on an annual basis or as needed and that includes parking lot striping, filling in potholes, sealing cracks, removing and replacing asphalt pavements, and especially painting important pavement markings on your property and major roadways.

Importance of Pavement Markings

Perhaps the most important feature of properly and professionally painted pavement markings is that they work in conjunction with municipally sanctioned and installed road signs to keep motorists and pedestrians safe as they share the roads. These markings are responsible for delineating very specific walking and driving instructions among other things. They tell motorists where they’re allowed to park, what type of parking is available, and they also mark tow-away zones in parking lots. Properly maintained pavement and road markings are essential to guaranteeing the safety of anyone and everyone who uses your parking lot or driveway as long as everyone adheres to the rules of the road.

It’s your responsibility as the property owner to make those rules as clearly stated and visible as possible. Otherwise, you could be deemed legally liable for any potentially dangerous situations or injuries that occur on your property. You might not be able to control whether pedestrians or drivers actually follow the rules of the road that are laid out for them, but you can at least prove that you’ve done your due diligence by re-marking and striping your parking lot at least once a year, especially following the winter months.

Once you begin to notice that your pavement markings have faded, that’s when you know it’s time to call the experts at Sure-Seal to touch up your parking lot or driveway.

Types of Pavement and Road Markings in Toronto and the GTA

There are many different types of pavement and road markings that are used throughout Toronto and the GTA. As mentioned, the main purpose of these markings is to direct drivers and pedestrians while also ensuring the overall safety of everyone who uses the roads and enforcing important traffic laws. Pavement markings include the following:

Yellow Lines

Yellow lines are used as barriers to separate two opposite directions of traffic. They indicate where drivers are allowed and not allowed to travel while on the roads. Crossing over a yellow line or divider in the middle of the road is considered a traffic violation.

Solid White Line Versus Broken White Lines

A solid white line in the middle of the road indicates that it’s unsafe for a vehicle to pass or merge into another lane, whereas broken white lines delineate lane markings and are safe to cross.


There are different types of crosswalks. Some crosswalks include 4-way stop signs with clearly marked white parallel lines that demarcate pedestrian crossing zones, while others might not have a stop sign or white lines at all. In the latter case, drivers are expected to slow down significantly or stop and wait for traffic and pedestrians to clear before they can proceed.

Arrows Painted on the Ground

Arrows indicate the different directions in which vehicles are allowed to travel on any given road or crosswalk. They also indicate if a left-turn or right-turn is coming up and whether that lane will end soon.

Handicapped or Family Parking Symbols

In recent years, the province of Ontario legislated that every major store parking lot must include ample handicapped and family parking for people with disabilities and expecting mothers or families with young children. It’s strictly prohibited for people without disabilities or families to park in those spaces. Vehicles must have the appropriate markers in order to legally park in these designated spaces.

Fire Escape Route Markings

Parking your vehicle in a clearly marked fire escape route or loading zone is strictly prohibited in Ontario. These zones are typically marked by a series of yellow diagonal lines and accompanied by a sign that clearly designates the fire escape route exit. Anyone who parks their car in these no-parking zones could face a hefty fine. To avoid liability issues, it’s important to make sure that fire escape route exits are always clearly marked so that motorists are aware of the regulations and you as the property owner aren’t accountable if they get violated regardless of proper markings.

Professional Pavement Marking Services in Toronto and the GTA

Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. is synonymous with delivering high-quality pavement marking services throughout Toronto and the GTA. All of our work is backed up by an extensive sevem-year warranty for materials and labour. Throughout all the years we’ve been in business, we’ve managed to gain the trust and respect of our numerous clients in Ontario to the point where they only call on us to work on their properties. To learn more about our asphalt installation and maintenance services, please contact us today!

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