Brampton, Canada, August 13, 2013 — Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc. (, the leading provider of asphalt seal-coating in Brampton and Peel Region, is recommending that customers have their parking lots seal-coated.

“The window for pavement sealing in Ontario is rapidly dwindling,” says Lance Bradshaw, president and CEO of Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc.
“Generally, summer until early fall is the best time and August is almost half-way over. That’s why we’re recommending that clients call now for any pavement repair they may have been putting off.”

With the cold and snow the GTA has experienced over the last couple of winters, asphalt surface coating will give a parking lot the added strength it needs to stand up to the elements. As a polytar sealing contractor, Sure-Seal tells clients that seal-coating their parking lot and driveway will greatly extends its life. Even excessive exposure to sunlight can cause pavement to deteriorate.

Paving mixed properly by a professional ensures a longer pavement lifespan. Asphalt binder is the “glue” that holds pavement together. If left unprotected, it can quickly fall apart. Asphalt seal-coating not only slows the oxidation process, it also seals any cracks that allow water to enter.

Once water enters cracks in pavement, it could cause anything from alligator cracking to a pothole. Seal-coating both extends the life of pavement and improves the appearance of parking lots and driveways.

Bradshaw recommends that clients have their parking lots seal-coated while doing other pavement repairs.

“We tell our clients that if they’ve been putting off having their asphalt seal-coated, get it done now,” says Bradshaw. “The coming months are going to be a busy time so we recommend booking now to avoid disappointment. Pavement sealing in Ontario should be done before the cold weather arrives in October.”

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